Jumpin' July 2014 Empties

Hello Sunshine! It's time for another empties post! I have to say, I feel a bit proud of myself for having sustained sharing my empties for the past few months! I really would like to keep this up because sharing what items I've used up is so much fun (than simply reviewing items I've tried).

This batch of empties are mostly bath products. As you would guess, it's so much easier to use up bath products since these products, you use generously every day (or at least I do). Unfortunately, I have no makeup empties for July, but I'm working on it, don't worry!

Oracare Cool and Merrymint Mouthwash

I tried Oracare through SampleRoom, and since then, I would always go back to it as I rotate my mouthrinse. Oracare is a very good mouthwash, especially to those sensitive to the sting. However, if you do love your menthol fizz, you might not like Oracare much. These gargles are very much like water, but the clean is superb. Read my Oracare Merrymint mouthwash review now.

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Colgate Plax in Fresh Jasmine Tea and Fruity Fresh

This is my first time to really finish Colgate Plax. I've tried it once or twice at my tita's condo, but never did I own one since I always buy Oracare. However, after trying out Colgate Plax Fresh Jasmine Tea*, I realized I love it more than Oracare! I mean, I love Oracare because it doesn't sting; but if I can have it my way, I love to enjoy a bit of mint as I rinse. Colgate Plax got that going on! I love it so much, I already bought two more Colgate Pax variants. I forgot the names, I got the green and the blue ones, haha. You should expect those emptied after a few weeks!

Oh, taste-wise, I think it's notable to share that Colgate Plax tastes like Maxs candies haha. The Fresh Jasmine Tea tastes like the yelow Maxs; while the Fruity Fresh variant tastes like the red Maxs. Personally, I don't like the Fruity Fresh variant... it tasted weird for me. The Fresh Jasmine Tea is a winner though! You should try it. For more info about dental health, read my Colgate dental hygiene.

Watsons Shower Gel in Green Tea

I've already posted empties including this shower gel, and here I am again! I think it's safe to say that I will keep on repurchasing this shower gel as long as I could. It's so affordable and I love it's Elizabeth Arden green tea-like scent.

Head and Shoulders Fresh Burst of Lemon Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This is a girlfriend empty, and among the many anti-dandruff shampoos she uses, this is my favorite because it smells really fresh!

Palmolive Intensive Moisture Conditioner for Dry or Coarse Hair

My tita has been using the Palmolive Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for ages. As in, it's the only shampoo and conditioner she uses. I would go ahead and say, it's the only shampoo and conditioner she uses for the last 20 years even! And now that I've tried it, I'm hooked! This Palmolive Naturals variant has a creamy lather and a really sexy floral scent. I'm still using up my shampoo, but I've gone through the conditioner already--and I am definitely repurchasing this.

The Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-Tub in Goat's Milk and Honey

Here's a pretty cool everyday scrub to try. The Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-Tub in Goat's Milk and Honey* is a creamy body scrub that offers gentle exfoliation. I love using this on my legs to prevent hair ingrowns when I get a leg wax or when I shave.

The Body Shop Satsuma Beautifying Dry Oil

If there's one thing I can't live without, it's body oil. Specifically, I love me my dry oil. and Among many, The Body Shop Beautifying Oil is a favorite. I've already tried The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil, Strawberry, and am currently using Chocomania. But before Chocomania, I used Satsuma--a fresh tangerine scented beautifying oil that I use for all over body moisturization, and for my hair, when it's extra dry.

Etude House Green Tea Facial Mask

Every now and then, I would treat myself to a good and trusted facial mask. As you would know by now, I prefer facial mask sheets because they are hassle-free to remove, and I even sleep in them! Among the many facial mask sheets I try, thise Etude number has been a go-to item. I got this facial mask sheet when I joined the fun activities at the Etude House Princess Run earlier this year..

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Have you tried any of these empties yourself?

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