Lipstick Shades of Summer

Hello Sunshine! How's summer so far? Mine has been quite an adventure... literally. I feel like this season has been showering me with challenges (both good and bad), and alongside those lovely complications, I've been blessed with simple to great things worth being grateful for! Summer is truly my favorite season because it always leaves me looking forward to really bright-lit mornings and warm afternoons. I know some people, myself included, sometimes hate the part where it gets really hot or humid; but at the end of the day, I'd take summer over any other season (note: from where I come from, I kinda just have two options, and that's rain or shine; so don't blame me for choosing to shine!)

But today, I want to share a little pinch of brightness not just as a mindset, but also on the lips. Sharing lipstick swatches has long been my favorite thing to do on this blog; and my favorite type of post from other bloggers too! So in keeping up with the idea of doing things that I love more, I have some lipstick swatches that I want to share. These lipsticks come from the Colour Collection Hot Hues, 5 new shades of their Ultimate Wear Lipstick.

Summer is all about wearing color and for most women, playing it up with lipstick color comes as the easiest beauty statement because it's not only convenient to explore, it's also very fun thanks to the infinite range of color selections from different makeup brands!

Since I've first tried Colour Collection's makeup, to date, I've remained a fan of their lipsticks. Sure, they have some hits and misses on my plate; but their lipsticks are truly divine. All of the lipsticks I've tried from Colour Collection are creamy, pigmented, non-drying, and very light on the lips. At first, I thought I just got lucky with the shades I got; but after finding these characteristics in all of my Colour Collection lipsticks, I'm more than confident to think that the once-thought of as characteristics are actually product standards for Colour Collection.

  My personal favorite is Angelic, because it's a soft nude pink color that I can comfortable wear at the office or any given time of day. But, when I'm feeling a bit more giddy, I reach out for Headturner because I enjoy how it looks so electric on the lips when worn.

Which shade do YOU like best?

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