Pixy Lipstick Swatches and Review

Hello Sunshine! Do you remember my Pixy April BDJ Box unboxing post? Here's the follow through. Since I promised to share the best for last, I present to you the Pixy lipstick swatches and review that I owe thee. Hope these swatches and my comments help you better understand the newest affordable makeup brand to hit our tropical shores, Pixy makeup!

Pixy Silky Fit 507 Autumn Apricot Satin* (Php 240)

Autumn Apricot Satin is a great color to wear this arts and festival season. It's warm enough to blend in the colors of summer, but is vivid enough to want attention. I love how it was creamy upon application, yet satin-light on the lips. I really can't tell much about it being moisturizing despite it's very rich in moisturizing oil formulation. The Pixy Silky Fit lipstick has Sweet Almond Oil and Peanut Oil, among many.

Pixy Semi-Matte 220 Haruka* (Php 265)

I LOVE semi-matte lipstick formulations because these type of lipsticks give power-packed color without the dryness that I don't like from most matte lipstick products. I consider semi-matte lipsticks as the best of both worlds, and Pixy Semi-Matte Haruka lived up to that dream. I especially love the shade I got from my April BDJ Box because it's my kind of pink.

Honestly, complementing pink lipsticks are not easiest to come by with my skin tone. Sometimes, I end up looking drag, too kawaii, and sickly when I use pink, which is a hassle truth. However, pinks with a hint of coral are perfect with skin tone like mine. I have a light honey beige skin tone--an awkward fair yet honey mix. Now, if you share the same skin tone, you'd also like how Haruka will warm up to your skin tone, without making you look like you're wearing an unnatural smile.

Pixy Lasting Matte Pink Smoothie LM207* (Php 325)

Pixy Lasting Matte lipstick in Pink Smoothie is one of those warmer shades of pink. It's a warm nude pink that looks very natural on the lips, like Haruka. The Lasting Matte lipstick is the most expensive of the three Pixy lipsticks that I got from my April BDJ Box. As the name suggests, it commits a longer lasting staying power; but upon trying, it was hardly transfer-proof so I wouldn't expect much from that promise. It is however the most vivid of the lipsticks I've tried, so for that, it gets my sign of approval.

Finding the perfect lipstick color doesn't have to be stressful; instead, it should be enjoyable and exciting! If you're searching for the perfect lipstick color, set aside those "makeup rules" you've heard before and just try on different shades that interest you! 

You can also combine lipstick colors to create your own shade! Check out my examples below!

Autumn Apricot Satin + Pink Smoothie

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