Makeup Tutorial - Pop Art Lips using Etude House Color Fit Lips

Hello Sunshine! Etude House Color Lips-Fit (Php 498) is a revolutionary liquid lipstick that glides on smoothly on the lips, depositing real vivid color, and sets with a powdery texture. It has a slanted applicator that fits my pout perfectly, thus preventing application mistakes while also adding definition to every swipe.

I tried it in Silhouette Fit Pink* and Perfect Fit Red*, shades that say fun and fierce. But as a twist, I applied it Mod Pop Art style. You should too! It's very easy to do.

1. Apply lip balm to smoothen out your lip lines.
2. Apply Silhouette Fit Pink all over your lips. Make sure your strokes are smooth, and that your lip shape is sharp.
3. Apply Perfect Fit Red on your lower lip, then build up the color of Silhouette Fit Pink on your upper lip. Emphasize the sexy shape of your cupid's bow with the fresh pink shade. Voila, smile and flaunt your Pop Art lips!

Out of curiosity, I have prepared swatches of Etude House Color Fit Lips Silhouette Fit Pink and Perfect Fit Red on their own.

What do you think? Which color do you like best?

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