Bold and Beautiful Eyeshadow Palettes by Colour Collection

Hello Sunshine! Ever looked for a bold and beautiful eyeshadow palette to take with you for day and night dates? Search no more because I found twp palettes that may just rest your anxious heart. I'm talking about the Bold and Beautiful eyeshadow palettes from Colour Collection.
LEFT: Beautiful, RIGHT: Bold
Whether you're just starting out with makeup, or are going through a wild adventure with colour cosmetics, it's very important to have two staple eyeshadow items as part of your collection: a nude and a bold smokey set. This is why I was thrilled that among the many items on our table at the Colour Collection Hot Hues event were there two really simple but seemingly versatile eyeshadow palettes for sampling.

I was introduced to Colour Collection through Sample Room, a beauty sampling website that offers FREE sampling services for every Filipina who wants to try before they buy beauty products. From them I discovered their many creamy and pigmented lippies which grew to be one of my staple favorites for work!

How to achieve Beautiful Eye Makeup

Wearing subtle hints of peach and pinks on your eyes is a sure-fire way in achieving a simple but very carefree eye makeup look. Truly, nudes are indispensable for eye makeup because they work great as an eyeshadow makeup base (for bolder looks), as well as on their own (for casual looks). 

 If you haven't mastered your black smokey eye just yet, it's helpful to start your journey by trying out colourful smokeys in warm blues and earthy greens. These colors complement most skin tones and don't sit as harsh on the eyes. It also gives a bold but not too smoldering look so you are safe to wear this from day to night! Simply start your smokey eye lightly from the inner corner of your lids, and build up the color outward. Don't forget to blend well and to line your eyes to kick up the stare a notch!

Once you've decided to go for either a naturally beautiful or a bold look, you can steer your makeup look into a fresh, mod, or sweet direction by matching it with the right blush. Typically, I would recommend a peachy pink blush for a natural flush; but if you're ready for a more dolled up look, the brighter the pink, the cuter and younger your makeup vibe will be.
A few of the many Colour Collection blushes you can try out. My favorite is the one in the middle, which is a rosy mauve pink (Rosy Glow) blush that I take with me everyday for the past six months!
From top to bottom: Miss Glow, Rosy Affair, I Have a Secret, Peach Pie, Ohh la lush

Are you a bold or beautiful one?

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