NAILS: Power to the Glitter!

Power to us shiny glittery people! :) Featured nail polish would be Essie's Nice is Nice from Apothica. To those who don't know, I LOVE pastel purple polishes. I realized, just very recently, that pastel purples are my weakness. I love them so much cause they match my skin tone so well, make my hands look a little fairer and complements my usually outgoing or sometimes extremely brooding personality. I absolutely love how Nice is Nice is a powder purple, soft and calming. More pictures after the jump!

I have been down under the weather the past few days, nursing rashes, wounds and what nots. I knew for sure a change in nail color would make me feel better... so change nail color I did!

Sharing with you a candy-colored wonderland coordinate using four of my favorite polishes. As base, I used the Essie* polish I got from Apothica, and for the gradient, I used two green glittery polishes from my beloved Elianto and Etude House collection.

To create such gradient effect, I used the sponge application technique. Using a clean make-up sponge/wedge, I applied the light green glitter color from mid-way my nail bed to the tip. After that dried, I did the same thing using my darker blue green glitter polish, this time focusing the pigments on the tips of my nails. As topmost layer, I used a Kleancolor polish I had lying around. It had the most apt specks for my multi-colored candy wonderland coordinate, don't you think so too?

Yes, the nails are a bit rough to look at as I took photos of my nails without a top coat. I was too excited to share, that's why! To undo the grittiness of the design, simply apply a generous amount of top coat onto your nails. 

Here are the polishes I used, from L-R: Kleancolor My Valentine, Etude House LuciDarling 03, Elianto Aspen Green, Essie Nice is Nice*

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)


  1. I love your manicure!!!
    The purple looks very good with the glittery green on the top!
    Have a great day ;-)

  2. Love the silver and purple combination!


  3. Super pretty!!! I think you did a great job and great combo!

  4. Love the lavender nails and the glitter! Very pretty!


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