BOOKREVIEW#53-54: Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth

I have to say, I judge people by the books they read. Books represent a huge aspect of a person's preference, individuality, principles and personality. Of course by judge, I don't mean demean or appraise. When I'm getting to know a person, the books s/he have read plays an important role in me figuring out whether we have common ground, that's all.
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 The past week was an exciting week for me because I gave in to the Veronica Roth rage. If you don't know yet, I'm the type of person who will not read a book series until all books are written because I get very frantic and anxious and impatient. Same with TV series. I'd rather wait til a season is over until I watch. I don't care if I watch late. I just want to watch (and read) continuously. So it means a lot for me that I succumbed to Roth's Dystopian society. I love The Hunger Games and if there's anything that I miss after reading the trilogy (and while waiting for the rest of the series' movie adaptation) it's a nice Dystopian world to explore.

With that, I got pretty pleased to find out that carries Veronica Roth's exciting novels. They both have Divergent* and Insurgent, books one and two respectively. This series is also a trilogy but I've read that the third book doesn't even have a title yet? I'm not sure with the progress, but if this is waiting, boy am I in for doom. I hope it's 2013 already and I hope the third book is due for release by then!

The Divergent trilogy has a lot of Hunger Games in it (both a shame and a triumph, depending on how you would look at it). Personally, it's part of what drew me closer to the dystopian plot. I can't really explain why all of a sudden I'm under this dystopian spell but if you're looking for a laid back read, Divergent and Insurgent are choices you can't ignore.

Divergent... a word that pertains to separation-turned to a book that means honesty. Beyond "betrayal" or self-discovery, I find that Divergent tackled honesty deeply. Today, I read this article from The Philippine Star and have to admit that I felt bad when I realized I can related to advice no. 1. Surely I still believe that the life we live should be the life we want to live. Of course, there are cases when no matter how we struggle, we can't make reality and expectations meet eye to eye--but the important aspect of living is in living the life we want. It doesn't matter if we get the outcome we hope for. What matters is in each stride being the journey we want to embark on. Divergent is about that. Divergent is about being brave enough to be true to yourself

Insurgent... a word that relates to rebellion against authority-turned a book that is about moving forward, moving on. Many of us fear the unknown and the forgotten. I for one, fear to be forgotten; and Insurgent offers a holistic view of what it feels like for the other side. Our selfish nature makes it easy for us to focus on the fear of being forgotten without realizing that perhaps, it hurts as much if not more to be the one losing the memories.

Memories are dear to me, even if I'm an erratic forgetter. Memories are all we have at the end of the day. What our senses committed itself to are all we have left after all is lost--feel, scent, sound, view. Insurgent is about facing the double-edged sword of forgetting head on. Insurgent is about rising above the pain and emerging as a better person because of our losses. Triumph, truly, has different forms.

 If you're also interested in emerging yourself to the chaotic world of Divergence, check out They offer nationwide shipping and have very competitive rates. Pitch in the convenience of secured online shopping, I can't think of any regret in terms of buying from them. A shopping tip for everyone, if you see that the webpage is online, chat with them and request for a coupon code. They normally give new customers a coupon code (so it's like you get free shipping). I did! That's why I'm so excited to share with you my book shopping experience. There's something so exhilirating about finding a great deal--online! I was even so surprised that my orders arrived a day before the committed date on my order invoice. :) Back when I did personal book giveaways, some of your reached out to me and lamented how there aren't much specialty bookstores around your area.

Provincial readers share the experience and I feel you guys. I can't imagine living in a community without a decent bookstore so I hope this great news, the softlaunch of helped add color to your everyday life. The site offers a mix of brand new and used titles, lots of marked down titles and occasional giveaways so that's enough reason to look around and connect with them on Facebook. What I love about Blink the most is their almost always online chat service.

Online shopping in the Philippines is young and I understand why some people are hesitant to try it out... having someone to converse and inquire with immediately is always going to be a reassurance any skeptic would need to calm down. If you haven't yet, I invite you to connect with them online through their pages: Facebook, Twitter.

I highly recommend connecting with them on Facebook as they surprise their Likers with treats every now and then. Presently, I have a few wishlists bookmarked from Some of the titles I'm eyeing on are currently sold out but thanks to the online chat box, I got to request that I be informed once the titles I want are back in stock. It's like having a personal book assistant (to remind you to read this and that). Frankly, life gets better always.

 Have you visited/heard of Blink yet? Visit them, yes?

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)


  1. I want to read those books too! However, I'm not yet done with Gayle Forman's Where She Went. I just bought the book yesterday!

    BTW, I suggest you set outgoing links to open in a new tab. It's better especially if your reader doesn't want to leave your page yet. hehe. *wink*

    1. ill keep a mental note on that book! thank you. and omg i always forget to set links to open on new tab. thank you for reminding me! i wish i find the right CSS to correct my previous links though :( would u know?

  2. Waaaahhh... I don't know what you'll think about me if you knew the books I read. Hahahahaha :D Check out my shelfari shelf:

    It's full of romance novels of all sorts - historical, fantasy, contemporary, etc. :))) I have tried reading books like Veronica Roth's but I just can't make myself finish them no matter how well they are written :(

  3. i haven't read this yet. i have a couple of friends recommended this though.

    1. thats great. then maybe you can try read for yourself!

  4. Kumi! you finished the two books already?!!! shoot. and I haven't touched the book 3 of my Game of Thrones set. :| Btw, you gotta give me advises on blogging, I'm being so tamad lately. Gratz on your 2nd year also! :D
    -you know me haha. :P

    1. be productive so you have tons to write about! i cant imagine how empty my blog would be if im not trying to accomplish stuff ever so often!

  5. I am the same way when it comes to reading a book series! LOL

    Thanks also for your comment on my blog, I am now following your on Bloglovin and Facebook, and look forward to future posts ;)


    1. Thank you so much!

      and what book series would you recommend?

  6. I think you would totally hate my book list. Mostly, social science, biographies, biology and public policy books....


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