Out with the old, In with the NYC

You would know a lot about one person by checking out the contents of his her bag... let's see.

Besides the usual wallet and cellphone, I almost always have a camera, a kikay kit (sometimes two!), a planner/notebook, choice of pens (sign pens, gel pens), a book, tissue. What does that say?

It's scarlet red inside my limited edition Manhattan Portage Messenger Bag, woot.

Because I normally bring my house when I leave the house, kidding aside, I get so choosy when it comes to bags. Frankly, I would over-use a bag if it serves me well... can't care much about how bad its condition is as long as its functional, I'm good. I do commute and walk a lot (must be a habit I wouldn't wish to grow out of) and to enjoy the sometimes crowded, sometimes flooded, sometimes pleasant, but always interesting streets of our humble third world country, I always make sure I am one: safe (I said enjoy. My definition of enjoy doesn't include getting in harm's way) and two: comfortable.

Let's face it, it's better to gear up right when facing the twists and turns of street life so I'm glad I got to finally trade in my Lacoste Carry-all bag (which is extremely heavy even when empty by the way!) with an OC-friendly messenger bag! :) My first of many MP bags, the very limited edition (and by limited, I mean 1,000 pieces worldwide!) 55-DSL Messenger Bag. Got it as a gift from PRC as they wanted me to really experience what it's like to use a Manhattan Portage

It's so pogiii.
Right after I got my hands on this baby, I did the first logical thing I thought was appropriate to measure up with the exhiliration I got after you know, claiming one of the 1,000 pieces of 55DSL MP bag created... I talked to my long-time-no-chitchat friend who's residing at NYC.

Out with the old bag... in with the new!
Yeah, out with the old and in with the New... as in New York!

NY looks beautiful even as a silhouette!
A skyline my friend took (phone capture). I have no idea where in NYC my friend Micah was at the time she took this photo, but I asked an authentic NY captured photo from her (so random, and appropriate) and although she sent me more after this, there's just something about this skyline that makes me feel so, alive.
I asked my friend if she knows about MP and she shared with me her first impressions of MP (how she thought it was like an exclusive to a company, type of bag) because of the logo which is a skyline (may I repeat that the photo embedded above is appropriate? :p) Me, on the hand, first noticed MP for its vibrant colors! When I saw pictures of it, it was making me plan things I shouldn't, aka. shop. Seeing the bags in the flesh, ooh I fell hard for the sleek black overlooking shadow type of an MP. The 55DSL is so curious to me. My eyes were glued at first sight.
So glad I went home with it!

The 55DSL is so much smaller than the typical Kumiko-bag but I guess it disciplined my over-hyped-up back-packing habits. My bag's still heavy but at least o'er necessary things only (as I can't fit my "house" in my MP hehe) But with its pockets, I have been consistently trained to be organized from the inside... exactly what I needed :)

Now I want you to feel the same excitement I felt. Would you like to win an MP bag of your own?

Thanks Viel for letting me borrow your face :)
 Win your very own Manhattan Portage (you choose the design!) by simply joining this contest. Or okay, share ko na the intructions here :p

Go to www.kumikomae.tumblr.com.
1. Click Submit button.
2. Submit a photo entry (your photo) and share with me a word that best describes you, and let me know what about your personality fits an MP bag (eg. I love walking so I really appreciate how much my MP bag made my fancy a lot easier to do, not to mention comfortable, safe and stylish!)
3. Don't forget to include your contact info so I can notify you for anything :) Name, Email, Mobile.
4. Like @UrbanAthletics page on Facebook, as I'd be posting valid entries there! If you see your entry, try to gain likes (although no. of likes is not the sole basis, plus points lang)
5. Keep cool and practice how you'd gear up with your soon-to-be-if-you-are-lucky MP bag! :)

Dear Yellow MP bag, nasa wishlist kita talaga!!!
Don't forget to click this link to join.


Manhattan Portage is exclusively sold at Urban Athletics so if you're interested to check them out, please do visit their store at Greenbelt 3! :D