I am My Person Campaign: a Manhattan Portage giveaway

"WHY FIT IN IF YOU CAN STAND OUT?" It is the question of all questions. Often, we take it for granted, left unanswered or overlooked; but it's always great to take a moment and ponder on it. Why should we bother fit in if we're meant to stand out?

I am a people-person. No matter how comfortable I get with solitude, I love watching people. Sometimes I stay in "people-places" like malls or coffee shops just to watch people. As a writer, I love observing how different people act differently, sound differently, talk differently, laugh differently. I love how we, as a race, share so much in common among each other yet also carry so much differences. It is most interesting to me how we, as a race, continue to find common ground when it comes to expressing our personalities and passions while remaining loyal to our own personal uniqueness.

This May, I want us to celebrate that. Celebrate YOU! Surely we all share days of insecurities and what-not; but this month, let's try our best to go beyond those dark days and just channel our inner awesomeness and let it shine through!

We are most fortunate that one of street fashion's heritage piece is now available in the Philippines! No need to fly to New York just to get your hands on a Manhattan Portage bag. This line of specially-made trademark messenger bags (though they do have a wide line of backpacks, tote bags, laptop bags, and more) is ripe for your picking exclusively at Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3.

As perfect follow through to my Let's Celebrate YOU campaign, yours truly would like to open up an online giveaway to help you and make it more interesting and rewarding for you to really set your greatness free!

I AM MY PERSON CAMPAIGN: a Manhattan Portage giveaway

No purchase required in this contest!

New York is known for it's endless posibillities. Novels, Movies, Songs have been written for the beloved land and I am most unrelectant to see New Yorkers as quite an interesting bunch as well. To live in the city that never sleeps must be quite a challenge but when you say New York fashion -slash- New York streets, isn't it quite difficult not to imagine the pages of a magazine mixed with an electric/eccentric expression of queer blends of personalities through fashion?

Now... we all know that New York is halfway across time, but like our interesting way of finding commonalities with the rest of the human race (no matter how much of a stranger they are), Asian streets and Asian street fashion share a similar vibe with New York City's energetic fashion. Why shouldn't we? We can now carry a heart of New York street fashion on our sleeves...shoulders that is.

Manhattan Portage, with its years of quality production and collaboration with different artists, is now set to create a storm in Manila streets. And you... you who are reading this is invited to join that wave!

Manhattan Portage looks great in an Asian background, don't you think?
Get the chance of winning your choice of Manhattan Portage bag while exuding and setting a great example of confidence plus edginess by simply

1. Go to http://www.kumikomae.tumblr.com/ and click Submit button (You may also follow me on tumblr, and like me on my fanpage to get updates on everything wonderful stat!)

Submit page looks like this!
2. Submit your photo entry. Your photo entry may be any face portrait or a full-body photo of you as long as your photo aptly expresses: your personality and your style. You may enhance your photos as you please. The more you let your personality show through your photo entry, the better!

3. On the title of the Submit Page, type out the word that best describes YOU. One word only. Then as text/description, share in 50 words or less what makes you like that and answer why a Manhattan Portage bag would look great on you/why a Manhattan Portage bag will fit your personality perfectly.

Don't forget to leave me your name, contact info (mobile number and email address). How do I contact you if you win, right? :)

4. After your entry is processed (so you don't have to worry if your entry was received, etc), I will be posting Official I am My Person Campaign poster ads on Urban Athletics FB page. This should serve as confirmation that your entry is accepted/qualified. If your entry is not posted in 48 hrs, kindly resubmit your entry or contact me. (I need to filter entries as only one entry per person is allowed, and as much as I accept the reality that some personalities are such, I do not want explicit entries! :p)

Make sure you like Urban Athletics on Facebook so you can check on the confirmation of your entry. Like my page on Facebook too for updates or concerns.


6. Entries would be judged accordingly:
Photo style/originality 30%
Photo title/self-description 20%
Reason why you should own an MP bag 30%
I am My Person campaign poster ad Like votes 20%

I am seriously crazy for these bags!

(Special thanks to Urban Athletics, Exclusive distributor of Manhattan Portage bags in the Philippines)

Contest is open to Philippine residents only. Contestant are preferrably Manila based but as long as you are located or are willing to go to Manila to claim your prize (claiming of prizes=shopping at UA because you would choose your Manhattan Portage), feel free to join. Contest will run for the month of May 2011. For updates, visit www.facebook.com/ms.kumi

Good luck!


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