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In life, there would be countless things we'd find beautiful. To begin with, God filled this world with so much beautiful looking and beautiful hearted people. In addition to that, the world itself is beautiful: from daybreak to sunset. However, before you go about savouring the world's beauty, I figured, I should first encourage you to look at the mirror and be at awe.

No, this is not for vanity's sake. I just think everything we love about the world would be magnified if we nurture our self-love.

To me, there are three very Beautiful Things that I just find so irresistable about myself, especially when I put myself out there, smack at the center of a test (of faith). The following are my integrity, patience and kindess.

Before my favorite season started, I figured it would be best to launch a Beauty Campaign so I can really make this season count. In partnership with an empowered brand, Maybelline Philippines gave me full support so as you know it, we had the Bare and Beautiful campaign going on from April til few days of May.

Throughout the campaign I encountered various personalities, some of which helped strengthen my beliefs and clarify my visions; some of which left me repulsed. Frankly speaking, it's a joy ride I suppose and in this little whirlwind of emotions I hope my efforts will not be in vain. I know this has been quite an introduction but let me share with you the good news, I will stop with the backgrounder and follow through with what this whole Beauty Campaign is all about. :)

Beauty is something a lot of people take for granted--sometimes even judge. If you think only the foul receives judgments, think again. Beauty suffers it more even as it is always expected to be, well, beautiful. When I started this blog, I had only one thing in mind: To share my mind, basically. I wanted to do that because I think I have a beautiful mind (and heart).

Without sounding egoistic, I think because of that I am beautiful. These, I want to share. I know I have the words and the character and the guts and the fearlessness to put myself out in the open, so I shared. It's been a year and a half (I started this blog January 2010) and I'm really glad that so far, so beautiful. We're still chasing beautiful things and I think each day, as we go through this chase, we capture the beauty of all the ideal things we want to be and form our own definitions of "beauty".

To me, there are currently three things that I would bet my heart on, are keys to living (or leading) a beautiful life. As I announce the winners of my Bare and Beautiful campaign, let me also share with you these three things:

1. Integrity - Dreams are beautiful things. We dream them because we want them, and normally we want them because they're beautiful! It's a beautiful circle which we hope to roll out as we go through each day; however, the path in making these dreams come true can either be an adventure worth painting or shamefully, a skeleton in ones closet.

Because of this, I am glad to put on top of my Beautiful ThingsList the word integrity. Beyond being a word which rhymes with simplicity, integrity to me is the core of beauty. To me, for one thing to be beautiful, it has to have a heart that beats integrity to its veins. There's no beauty in a lie. In fact, I believe, dreams all come true. Those that don't are those lured to fall off from integrity's security-challenged embrace.

As I give importance to integrity, I would like to point out that as much as I would like to correct those who try to take advantage of my generosity, I hope you find it in your heart to preserve what's left of your integrity. Please don't cheat. Wanting something so much is normal. Submitting to the temptation of breaking one's innate conscience is never going to be worth anything, no matter how much you want it. Remember: to enjoy life's prizes, you have to be deserving first.

2. Patience - When they said patience is a virtue, 'they' knew what they're talking about. Simply put, if you're feeling uneasy, know that all flowers start as a stem. All flowers bloom gradually. Beauty is a learning process. You are born beautiful, yes, but to live beautifully is a learning process. Take a class. Be patient and allow life to feed you with its flavors, from its most bitter corners to its sweetest nectarines.

I used to push myself to do this and that and this then that... so on so forth. Normally, it starts clear and focused to me but as the processes overlap, sometimes, the supposed beautiful thing ends up looking like a mess. Queer, maybe that's where the term 'beautiful mess' was coined, I don't know. But going back to my point, I used to not know what day it is because I'm too busy catching up with myself. Now, I take time to breathe. Now I give myself the patience I deserve which is great.... especially if you know you also deserve to not receive waste (Haste makes waste.)
3. Kindness - Beautiful is good. To develop a kind heart is to be a step closer to glory.

Glory is beautiful. Kind is most beautiful.

Now it's time to share with you quick tips on how to look the part. Look kind, feel kind, act kind!
To look fresh and lovingly kind, achieve clear skin using Maybelline Philippines BB Cream. It's great used on a clean surface-slash-properly cleanses/toned/moisturized face. As a skin-care cosmetic itself,, Maybelline BB Cream will also protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays... while helping you achieve clear-looking, soft-to-the touch supple skin.

Use a stippling brush when applying the BB Cream.
Through out the day, have your trusted powder brush and Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals foundation in hand! Remember: there's no glory in a glossy face.


Shine like a star and dot on some shimmering eyeshadow at the outer corner of your eye. Maybelline Hyper Diamonds eyeshadow palette have super-sharged diamond glitters that are perfect for the job above!
Now that I have shared with you all that, allow me to celebrate with you YOUR beauty!

If you're running late, first check out the entries for Loving Sunshine's Summer Make-up Giveaway: The Bare and Beautiful Campaign.

Congratulations to my muses!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: hand-picked by the beautiful Maybelline Philippines team, Congratulations Zyra for braving the world wide web and sharing with us your beautiful bare face! You win a specially packed Maybelline 'Kikay Kit' essentials to help you enhance your already beautiful bare face. Grand prize winner was judged by the contestant's Bare Photo. 
Consolation prizes goes to Hazel dela Victoria, Terese Last and Andie Santamaria.

Congratulations! All winners, kindly email me your mailing address. Please claim your prizes by emailing me as soon as possible. I will wait for you until end of month. :) I am still waiting confirmation of your prizes (we have to sort out availability of stocks, etc) but hopefully all prizes can be shipped out by end of month. Hugs!


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