Drink up on Nivea Intensive Body Milk before sleeping

Part of what makes your skin beautiful and young looking is your dedication in healing it. Contrary to what a lot of people think, beautiful skin DOESN'T end in protection. Sure proper skin protection keeps skin problems to the minimum but let's face the truth... We are all vulnerable. Protection can only do as much.

This is why I have recently taken into deep conscious consideration the importance of intensively caring for my skin before sleeping at night.

For an invisible and non-greasy sun protection even after your beachin' days, use Nivea Sun's SPF 30 invisible spray-on. It goes as light as water (See next photo for an on-skin application of the product)
I emphasize the time because during the day, I normally focus on sun protection and light moisturization for my face and body to avoid any discomfort throughout the day; but at night, when skin care comes to its peak performance and effectivity, I play hardball.

Invisible sun protection made possible by Nivea Sun's easy-to-dispense SPF: just spritz on target areas. It's like you're simply calling out science' powerful back-up as sun defense!
Light as water, clearly your lightest SPF-powered skin care.
While I do experiment here and there to find cool products to feature and to find effective products to recommend; I feel safest and most comfortable when trusting brands that have years of research and teams of global expertise such as Nivea which I have known since I was a child trying on (and eventually breaking, to my horror) my mom's scarlet Dior lippies.

Happy to share with you a great alternative to Nivea's "canned cream" which I call it. I'm talking about Nivea Intensive Body Milk.

The name says it all. It glides on the skin like milk, and it gives your skin intensive nourishment, like milk!

Google will tell you how much I love milk! I love milk so much that my love for it transcends milk as a drink to milk as a super effective skin care format.

Above  is a photo of me foolishly wasting a rich concoction: ice cold milk and heavy cream mix. It felt so relaxing! If you haven't tried it yet, you should! It's kind of expensive--because it's so wasteful--but sometimes it's really just so enjoyable to play with food.
So imagine my delight whenever I meet body milks that are not as wasteful as my photo above!

Among those great body milk selections is Nivea's Intensive Body Milk. Let me show you my reasons why I love it:

I love Nivea Intensive Body Milk because it is...

Ubelievably affordable! It's SRP is only Php100 at 400ml (as shown in the photo) I don't know about you but that bottle is big! Because of its affordability, I am guilt-free in following my preferred lotion application style (a pump for every body area i.e. a pump for the right arm, a pump for the left arm, a pump for the chest, a pump for the arse, and so on... takaw ba sa lotion? hehe ganon talaga ako mag lotion eh!)

Segueway: another affordable Nivea product would be well, not just product but LINE! I love Nivea's range of roll-on. They do have wonderful stick and spray formats but I prefer their roll-ons. Since puberty! I think I can honestly credit them for not giving me body odor back in highschool (and until now!)

Using up a Nivea roll-on = me feeling triumphant!
Anyway, back to listing down our Nivea-lovin...
I love Nivea Intensive Body Milk because it is...

Specially developed to meet the needs of dry to very dry skin! This intensive lotion is also perfect for people with patches of dry skin all over their body as it corrects and balances out those dry areas giving you a smooth and supple skin all over after regular use. I love the fact that it is for dry and very dry skin not only because I fall under that category but also because as a night lotion, you're assured that you maximize your sleep time as your skin's recovery time as well!

Enriched with NATURAL MINERALS AND MOISTURIZERS. If you know me, you know, that I am a sucker for anything that leans closer to nature's touch.


Last but definitely not the least, I love its lock!

Oh! I hope you don't find it shallow or funny but I fell in love with it's lock. I know there are many products out there with a similar packaging but among all I have tried, Nivea's packaging executed the concept of a twist-lock head the best! I'm highlighting this because I have soooo much beauty products and slowly, packaging plays an extremely vital role in earning my trust and confidence!

It really locks! Like it's really a full-proof no-spill kind of locking system! (You might be wondering why is it the the "open" photo showing the head to be more pushed down, as if it were locked... well it's pushed down because on both photos, my index finger is pushing the head down and in the "close" photo, you can see I failed in pumping the head but in the "open" photo, I'm down baby! No product is dispensed because I took photos while the lotion was new so wala pang lumabas na product upon pumpin hehe)
Try it out as you may fall in love with it too! It's a bit difficult to find probably because it sells like pancakes! But find it in your favorite department stores and you're set to face the rest of summer's cold summer nights, while recovering from the rest of summers heavy humid days!

Happy skin time!


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  1. i love nivea products. they are just so good for my skin :)


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