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I love going to trade fairs! Beauty fairs are super exciting for me solely because of this blog but because I'm naturally maarte. It's nice to be comfortable in your element; twice as nice to have your element suit you. :)

A familiar bazaar find would be Milea. It's a local all-organic brand known for their wide-range of organic soaps and mineral make-up. Over summer's scorching days, I have tried out their best of bests and here are my two cents about some of their cleansers which I found most interesting...

Cleanliness as they say is next to Godliness. :p

Foaming Feminine Wash
Yep, I would like to emphasize foaming. :)
What I love about Milea's all-natural feminine wash is it's exciting format. Check out how liquid it is (photo below).

Despite it's honest-to-goodness almost-"just water" format, when you pump the product out of the bottle, it instantly turns out foamy! It's delightful because chemical-free yet sudsy products are a mystery to me! I am guessing it derives its bubbles through the packaging's unique design (similar to whipping cream, the pump design airs out the liquid product hence dispences a bubbly foam).

I love it becaue it's the best of all worlds. It's chemical-free, it's gentle, it's liquid yet it's sudsy. If you're tired of using feminine wash that are too fluid you feel like you're not really cleaned enough, or tired of feminine care that is in a boring gel formulation, then Milea's feminine wash will excite your every shower. :)

Clean Rinse

Aminin niyo, sobrang tag-tuyot lang last April-May!

I would recommend this product when there is no soap or water for rinsing! haha Damn, last summer was a struggle for me! I look forward to lengthy showers this cold June-July!

Although using Clean Rinse will never be as potent as staying clean by taking a decent shower, desperate times call for desperate measures. This product saved me from sleeping feeling icky. With my new beloved Nivea Baby Naturals wet wipes, Clean Rinse provides me the right amount of clean to feel comfortable enough during our tag-tuyot moments. (PS. Wala bang tubig sa inyo? Kasi sa amin, pahirapan ang tubig nung summer!)

All Organic Soap
They don't melt away!
Normally, I fear organic soaps because they tend to be too soft and are easily dissolved with water. Eh, I want value for money. If a soap can't last long enough, it gets difficult finding value for money in that.

What I found most amazing about Milea;s organic bars is their longstanding formulation. They are not as sudsy as chemical-laden soaps (because they're organic, doh) but they stay long enough in the shower for me to find value in buying them.

I love how they also don't result to a "squeaky clean" feeling. Then I know moisture is locked unto my skin... sans lotion! :)
Coffee Orange Body Scrub
This skin nourishing body scrub is the most delicious thing that ever happened to a coffee scrub!
If you've been reading my blog for quite a time now, then you have probably heard of my DIY Coffee Scrub sessions. . . now I want to talk about an authentic coffee scrub. Well, not that my DIY Coffee Scrubs aren't authentic... hehe but you know what I mean. Here's a commercially manufactured variant! :)

It looks like shit. Frankly speaking, it looks like shit! (photo below)

but shitty as it may seem, this coffee scrub smells soo yummy! It's funny because despite it being a coffee scrub, it smells like chocolate! I looked through the ingredients and nowehere did I find yummy chocolate however my olfactory system keeps on telling me there's tsokolate in the shower everytime I use this baby. Wow, I used the tub in three weeks max! I used it almost everyday! It really exfoliates well and is a great primer to an intensive oil/moisturizing session before sleep :)

The Coffee in it's formula sloughs away dry skin and stimulates blood circulation (hence minimize visible chicken skin); while the Orange in its formula brightens the skin leaving it looking more radiant after just one shower. :)

If you would go ahead and try this Coffee Scrub, I would challenge you not to try taste it. hehe

There you go, now if you're inspired to take on nature's clean, you don't have to wait for a bazaar to happen. Visit to know more of their products. :)



  1. we use the Foaming Feminine Wash here at home!! haha. always feels minty after. haha!

  2. it's really nice to know that a lot of beauty products are now going organic :)

  3. Thanks for the review about MILEA


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