We've got a winner!

If you know me personally then chances are, you know what my favorite number is. Since highschool, my favorite number has been the number 28. Fortunately enough, the winner is entry number 28. As of this moment, while typing this, I still don't know who the winner is haha!

Okay, time to find out. :)

1. Ann
2. Ann
3. Ann
4. Elaine Tan
5. Elaine Tan
6. Elaine Tan
7. Eli Vivero
8. Eli Vivero
9. Eli Vivero
10. Evan Quinay
11. Jackie Guerrero
12. Jackie Guerrero
13. Jackie Guerrero
14. Jackie Guerrero
15. Joy Mesina-Bahia
16, Joy Mesina-Bahia
17. Joy Mesina-Bahia
18. Justine
19. Justine
20. Laurice
21. Mela Rosal
22. Mrs. Martinez
23. Mrs. Martinez
24. Ning
25. Ning
26. Ning
27. Ning
28. Ning --- We've got a winner!!!
29. Ning
30. Suzanne Delos Santos
31. Suzanne Delos Santos
32. Suzanne Delos Santos
33. Suzanne Delos Santos
34. Suzanne Delos Santos
35. Suzanne Delos Santos
36. Vannleigh

Thank you so much for joining my contest. Until next time I hope. Please do continue to support my blog. Hope to see you on my page. Do leave me sweet nothings on my wall :)


As of press time I am sick, but I just want everyone to know how much I enjoyed this contest. Hope to meet everyone :) Let's plan a date.


  1. I'm not feeling so very well right now but I'll contact u Ning, or please do contact me :D

  2. Congrats to Ning. Hope to meet you still.. soon!

  3. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/03/22/pats-surprise-roses/

    hope that you like some!

  4. have fun!
    you believe in 28,
    which is a good number to me too!

  5. Congrats to Ning! Woohoo! Yes to a group date. Haha! :)


  6. congrats to ning!

    @kumiko, sure, sige sana saling kitkit tayo one time... hehe... i'm your fan na on facebook (Ann Saturno)


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