Be Fearless

Back in school, we had this yearly "mantra" and for one year we had to read and live out the "I believe I can" spirit. I think I was in third year high school then.

I'm not so very sure if it contributed anything to my self-esteem or confidence but looking back, I think it's one mantra that has proven itself to be most helpful in many cases. Believe that you can... to be.

For those who don't know, I've been sick for two days already--dehydration, something that I usually get when one, I ate something bad, two, I ate hard to digest food like oysters, and three when I'm at the beach. I feel so delicate when I get dehydrated. Its like a reality check for me that even if I usually feel like I'm invincible, I am actually just a vulnerable grape that can be turned to a raisin.

Because I have no choice but to marry my bed, I had such a boring day the past few, but what's so good about it is I have dogs. My sister brought one of my dogs up (so much for the "no dogs in the room rule") and my dog and I cuddled--a far leap for someone who's afraid of dogs--like super afraid of dogs back then!

This thought made me think of fear--and of being fearless. Isn't that the great thing about our human nature? We at one point can be conquered by our fears then after one or maybe a series of events, the very fear that once could easily make our systems hurl becomes a speck of dust, invisible.

Below is a picture (taken from the net) of one of the slippers I use when walking my dogs (I have three--Santa, Sophia and Prince Yuri). Isn't it pretty? It's the Strawberry Fearless Slippers from Cushe, a cool new brand that just launched itself here in the Philippine shores. I really like it despite it being pink (FYI I'm not a fan of pink no matter how frilly girly I sometimes package myself). It's so sweet and I like the detail, the hive design, especially because it leaves a distinct "footprint". I wish to have the Sunny Yellow Fearless slippers though, haha! Tsk, for those who LOVE colors, you should check out the line, they come in various tones--so eye-candy and irresistible!

I like the way it hugs the feet, very snug without pulling the skin which is a sensitive issue I have against rubber slippers. I also like that the thong isn't like your usual slipper--which then gives the tan line on my feet a break, haha! Other trivial things that I love about the Fearless Slippers are of its packaging. I like that the plastic packaging is recyclable and that the slipper's hanger is a makeshift boomerang!

I turn "fearless" because it's comfy and it looks really unique. One time, I joked to my friend, it takes a certain person to carry this kind of footwear, which leaves me this question... are you that kind of person?
Be fearless and conquer with style. Share me a fearless story and together we'd inspire the world.


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  1. Ola sweetheart!

    Inspiring entry yet again. We'll check out the store.

    Well, let me share. I have a fear of heights. That's why I ain't a fan of Enchanted Kingdom or Six Flags. But yeah, I am one of those FUN, FEARLESS Woman. I jumped in when my friends, cousins and sisters asked me to. Ha! Felt so good. Can't blame me for screaming "MOMMY!!" though. :D

    That's pretty much my story. Will share next time. :)


  2. Aw that's such a cute story!!! :D

  3. Hey Kumiko!
    too bad I will not be your date in white hat lol Just kidding
    I think we are the one making the paperbags of cushe. kindly email me the teaser!

  4. Oh and for my fearless adventure...
    DH and I went to Sagada a few years back and I couldn't believe myself to have done what I did inside the cave- crawling on my back, rappelling down a steep wall and swimming in cold water.
    I will never ever going to do it again ;p

    Oh btw, watch out for your blog as it will be appearing soon on my Spotted post! ; )

  5. You are spotted here:

  6. hi Kumi!! thanks so much for that wonderful date! very please to meet a woman like you beauty and brains indeed.see you next time.dont 4 get our secret ha.!!


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