International Women's Month

There's so much changing happening in my life right now. A lot of clearing out of things. A lot of shifting perspectives. A lot of new things coming in. It's my month of blessings and I feel really really blessed because of it.

Above is a photo of my new cabinet. It's so big and glossy, as you can see it's a cabinet slash "mirror" since it has this somewhat defined reflection going on. Yes, that's me. And the big drawer beside me was my old drawer. You can't see in the photo but my new drawer isn't even one fourth of my old one. I can't make all my undergarments fit, what more my abubots. It's really the season of change, of letting go and of welcoming changes.

Speaking of welcoming changes, I just want to share my new corner. It's the "library" I've long wanted--or at least it's a step. In it I have this sizeable glassed bookshelf to hold all my books (and to frustrate me for not having all the books I wish I have) and a coffee table, bunch of mattress-pillows and a chair. It's lovely. I can't wait to buy my coffee, it's going to be like Starbucks right in our very home.

Sayang lang tapos ko na thesis ko.

Hope everyone is having a blessed March like me. It's International Women's day yesterday (for the Philippines) and today for the western side of the world. Cherish a woman in your life right now because until you realize that they are YOUR BLESSINGS, you can't welcome more.


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