Friendly is the NEW Healthy!

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It was such an amazing day! I'ma do it again :)

Please ignore the ridiculous blinking. Was both nervous for my date and for my life! haha

Ning's gift bag: Free ZEN Health Magazine (my copy haha which I gave to Ning because I have articles in it--please do get yourself a copy!), free Belle de Jour Power Planner c/o White Hat Yogurt, Sun protect Chapstick (because I have A LOT) and Space Gift Card c/o me again haha.

I overdid it, maybe?

Some cool things WHY White Hat Yogurt is SUPER AWESOME. Who agrees with me on this?

But of course before heading out to The White Hat Yogurt branch, I sent my friends and fans snail mail! Above is the super kind, super energetic, and as you can see, super bubbly Post Master (or mistress).

Please be a part of the next batch of snail mails I'll send out--interested? :)

Oh my mom supports what I do! :) Just sharing.

We both had Plain Yogurt with Blueberries. Maybe Ning doesn't know, but hers had double blueberry toppings :D hihi. Mine had Almonds :) Look at them yummy tubbies, they're happy together.

Ning! The Winner! Let's all say helloo :)

As I've mentioned, I had SUPER fun afternoon with Ning! I couldn't have been more thankful that she was the one who won my contest! We really clicked! :)

Here's the sweet (sugarhigh) angle on things, you know how they say every summer SUMMER FLINGS happen? Well, ever since I got such warm support from you, my friends here online, I thought, hm, Summer Flings? Why not a different F letter word? Summer Friends. That would totally be more awesome, right?

So there enter White Hat. Here in our tropical paradise, Summer means complete heatwave! haha Kidding aside, and truth be told, the funny thing about White Hat Frozen Yogurt is that rain or shine, they're just so good, so guilt-free, so healthy, one doesn't need the "I want to cool down." reason to go ahead and forget the world with one tub.

Yesterday, March 29,2010 I got my chance (FINALLY) to meet and greet and date and "chill" with my blog contest winner, Ning! She was super awesome. I was waiting for her and when I turned to my right, there was this woman, with such a friendly glow smiling at me. I was like "Are you...? Oh hi!!!" And we hugged and I guess there wasn't any ice to break. I felt genuinely happy when I met Ning because she wasn't at all scary or weird or anything negative--which I couldn't help but consider since I don't normally go to malls scheduling dates with complete strangers.

You know guys, Summer is such a warm season, my date with Ning made me realize something. We should all share that warmth. We should be more open to more people and experiences this season of sun. Positivity has long been associated with brightness and radiance--it's summer! How much brighter and more radiant can it be? Let's all strive to leave a little more space for blessings to enter our life. Summer is the season to be healthy, yes. And surprise surprise! Friendly is the new healthy! Oh it is!

What kind of hat does Ning wear, you might wonder?A Bride-to-be's! :)
Let's congratulate her! :) Tadhana nga naman right? I got invited to an exciting declaration of love pa tuloy--on my birthday month pa!!! :)

PERSON who comments with my birthday month would get... IDK, i'll come up with something! :0
clue here: JOIN NA

March officially ends tomorrow! It's my best friend's birthday too... so YES I am in a very happy streak. Take advantage, ask me something.

Oh, if you'd ask for friendship. IT'S A YES!
Stay Happy! Welcome Summer with a BIG smile :D


I'm always here.

(Jan 31, 2011--Placed FB like button so you can Like this post... to let me know you want me to re-launch something like this again!)


  1. is that your mom? she looks more like your sister!

  2. Hello Kumiko,

    Such a nice meet-up, you two look happy that day girl.

    Awww, haven't included on your snail mail list. :(

    Lots of love,

  3. Hi sweetheart,
    Sayang naman :( I posted for days on ym page regarding the snail mails. Asking for mailing addresses. :)

    Next time pls? :)


  4. wow, hope to be included in your snail mail list (",)

    it's really nice to eat at White Hat MOA kc mainit dun tapos kakain ka ng super yum froyo...


  5. Hi ann!
    PLEASE do. i have the link to my page on the blog. Pls visit. You can reach me there! Or twitter @kumikomae


  6. hi Kumiko! Thank you very much for a day of HAPPINESS hehejekjek!! So proud to meet a girl like you sweet and intelligent. " Wag Mo n Kong PaHiraPan" ehheeh...remember...We're not only friends lng ha mag ina na tayo heheh!!! lucky f or me if your my daughter hehe....

  7. Hi Ning! or should i say Mommy Ning!
    :) looking forward to seeing you again. I have gathered na contacts for makeup, photo and video, and flowers. let me know if u still need the help


  8. HAHA that's so cute. I meet with complete strangers now, because of Tarot. I love fro-yo, too, but it's been ages since I've had some from White Hat. I still also have the coupon from my BDJ planner.

    (shdwphyre from Twitter) ^_^

  9. Hi, Miko! This is really fun, what you did! saw a link you posted in tumblr, I guess. haha! good thing I found it, your posts are great! :) -Nina :)

  10. Ako din, madami pang Chapstick. ;)

    - Dyan


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