Sensational Summer Secrets

It's March already and if you've been tuning into my Twitter you'd know that I'm broadcasting a very public food journal so go ahead and show me some loving support or scrutiny. I would appreciate what you'd throw my way. It's Women's month already and this week I share with you some wonderful ways to celebrate sisterhood.

Rest assured, these products are, in one way or the other, the very same products that had contributed to my persisting sanity. Hope you find time to try them too. They won't disappoint.

If there's one thing that every woman should always find time to improve or accentuate, it's her fragrance. According to research, one's scent is among a person's most powerful sexual tool. It has the capacity to attract and excite the opposite sex with just a few sniff. Even animals prove how important a woman's scent is. Especially when a woman is ovulating, her mate is enticed to copulate because of the woman's fragrance.

Now with the many perfumeries sprouting here and there, it gets quite difficult to find the right fragrance. How does one find the creme of the crop easily when the only way to do it right is through actual testing--the trial and error kind.

Perfumes, as they also depend on a person's body chemistry, should always be tested before purchase. Some perfumes smell good for someone else and not for you, while some may even irritate your skin since these are directly applied. However the circumstances, there's no harm in asking people for advice right? For that I would like to suggest Celine Dion's Sensational scent. It comes in this pretty oval crystal bottle and lady-like pink shade. I recommend it for all of you feminine souls because this perfume is most suitable for a personality that enjoys wearing skirts. It has a light and pleasant floral fragrance which blends perfectly well with summer's pretty blooms.

Since it's also a Cancer Awareness month this March, take advantage of the season and open your eyes to more possibilities--and this you should take literally especially with Maybelline's Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara. Not only is it an innovative way to channel that wild rocking chic within every empowered woman, as it comes with a comb applicator--which by the way is perfect for hard-to-reach corner lashes; it is also a long-wearing non-clumping product that doesn't hurt the budget at all.

Summer is a season that doesn't come as friendly for heavy make-up so having the perfect mascara such as the Cat Eyes mascara from Maybelline is a heaven-sent deal because it allows kikay ladies like us who feel extremely comfortable with any additional sweeps of beauty on the face look great without doing too much!

With this powerful mascara, you can actually go skip the eyeshadow (save time, money and effort), and face the day feeling light, beautiful and worth all the attention.

But for those who wishes to add some drama or oomph on their summer look, you can still skip using shadows and opt to just use long-wearing and smudge-proof eyeliners to line your sexy lids. For this I recommend Shiseido's Smoothing Eyepencil. To begin with I've seen this wonderful pen do magic (and what I thought was the impossible). Check out my previous blog right here where I put the eyeliner to the heavy "road" test: meaning I applied it in the morning just like how I would in any given occasion, and witness how this sexy pencil graduated with flying colors: meaning it managed to last all day without ever losing grace.

Next to sexy alluring eyes should be the perfect blush. For me the perfect blush is a summer essential because it is very unhealthy to see someone looking so pale despite the scorching summer heat. To achieve this, a great bargain would be Lola's Creme Blush and Highlighter Duo. Not only is it perfect for small beauty kits (I mean who would like to lug around a heavy bag just because of make-up right? That would be so impractical and not to mention, rather, stupid); it is also summer's perfect blusher thanks to it's silky finish and natural glow.

Lola, which is sold exclusively in Marionaudd, SM Mall of Asia, and some Watsons branches, is among the local market's top-rating newcomers. It carries a varied line of smooth-finish compacts and outrageously pigmented lipsticks that are bound to be every "Lola's" best friend. They also come in pretty sexy designs so it won't be surprising if Filipina kikay kits blush because of their sexy red packages.

Now with all these, one would wonder, how should all these make-up be removed at the end of the day? No one wants to carry all the dirt and sweat to dreamland right? That would be a simple request for blemishes and break-outs if practiced routinely so it is best to keep among your shelves a gentle yet effective cleanser that is sure to remove any trace of make-up, oil and dirt off your face. Here is when Olay Regenerist Facial Scrub enters the picture.

It may look intimidating because of its packaging, but just one try of this Olay cleanser and you're bound to give it your hard-earned trust. It is one of the most dependable facial cleansers I've ever tried. Just to give you an idea, waterproof mascaras have nothing against this baby.

I hope that came as an enlightening one for everybody. Please do join my online-food-diaREVOLUTION on Twitter. Everyone from all over the world are invited. Let us help each other! It's easier to diet when you do it with someone who's AS motivated!


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