My New Journal

I just got my new journal. It was given to me by Abigail, sent last year but apparently due to some major Philippine Post Office inadequacy or inefficiency, I only got it now. It came with two children's books, but really, faced with a journal like this, everything just looked so stale.

I love it! I love it so much it made me forget about Griffin and Sabine. Although, in a way it reminds me so much about Nick Bantock's great series that I'm now calculating when I can afford the Alexandria series. Just the same, I'm thinking of that wonderful biblio-book I saw at National Book Store a while ago, the 1000 books to read before dying. It's crazy, I think I'd rather meet the man or woman who got to read all those 1000 books (and own them) THAN actually being that person!

Enough said, I haven't really explored the journal thoroughly but I am so fond of it, I'm considering bringing it with me despite the fact that I'm already the woman with the Santa Claus "everyday bag". I have three journals right now. One is a super slim date book which I hardly use now because it's just in the office: a source of "good ideas" on my desk. Another is a diary type of journal where I put many random things, from my emotional ravings and rantings, to plans, scraps and treasures (although there ain't much space for that anymore), pictures and recently, my daily calorie counting--yes, I went to THAT level. The third of my journal list, pun intended, is my Starbucks 2010 planner which is a planner and a journal for me because I write random things there too--like if I can't afford to bring a heavy bag for a certain day or event.

Then came Jury, my new journal, it's so beautiful and heavy and I'm confused if I should take it along wherever I go. I can't even think of when I'd put my first entry. I want the right moment for it. Just like what I said in Punctuations, my life is too fluid. I need more than an illipsis.

Anyway, this week's been really busy so I regret to say I don't have anything trivial or brooding or mental or whatchamacallit posts for all of you. I just wanted to share my new journal, I think it's really timely to, because with my busy week I realized how much it is important to shut up... and be grateful.

Thank you for my friends, those who have always been there since the beginning, those who are my desert's cactus--they hardly need tending yet they help me survive when I'm in the middle of nowhere; and most importantly, those who like and doesn't like many things about me--and loves me just the same. You know who you are. You are so few, yes you are enough.

Thank you for my family who can singlehandedly make me feel my saddest and my happiest.

Thank you to my sister who's both an inspiration and a competition--two good roles to take.

Thank you to my mom and lola who confuses me like crazy, but loves me endlessly too.

Thank you to my dogs who I miss with all my heart, I really wish I get to sit and play with them the soonest.

Thank you to my bed that always makes my inadequate sleep good enough to recharge me and thank you to my phone that never lets me sleep beyond time.

Thank you to my lipstick for making me feel beautiful.

Thank you to caffeine for helping me be alive and active.

Thank you to myself, for always trying.

In the journal, there's this page which I found most tempting to answer. It's but a beautiful page with approximately five numbers to fill. It came with a caption: in my heart, I carry.



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  1. I enjoyed this post. Kind of a natural high feeling. Oh, I really need to have that Griffin and Sabine book. It's so cute.

    Enjoy and love life! :)


  2. I LOVE THAT BOOK. I have until fourth. I wana have what comes after g&s which is Alexandria. BUT kasi expensive :(

    Glad u know about it! Not a lot of people I know do! You're the second!


  3. I love it, too. But sadly, I haven't read the book. I just read reviews and excerpts of it over the internet. I find it really awesome. This is so in my list. :)


  4. Ay naku naku nako you should! :)


  5. Yes! I'll send you a message as soon as I read it. :D



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