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Take a bite of positivity this month of February with these few quaint ways of looking at yourself. This is more of like an innercise. Remember when they say everything in life has a purpose, that things happen for a reason? Well, last week I was busy thinking of more loving ways of seeing my body. The rule's pretty simple anyway: you should love yourself first before you love someone else.

They say action speaks louder than words hence the importance of reading body language. Our gestures, from the rhythm of our breath to the way we curl our toes, says something about how we're feeling--in a situation or towards one.

I took this quite literally. Last weekend I kept myself busy wondering what the body say about love? You see, February is quite frustrating because there's this big campaign of hearts and red everything all over the place, so I thought, if people really do make a fuss about February as the month of love, what does the body say about it?

The eyes are my favorite. I like looking at other people's eyes, even my pet dog's eyes, I adore. They aren't called the window to one's soul for nothing. Eyes express a magnitude of emotions and details that the eyes can't see. But in terms of love, what do eyes mean?

Eyes come in pairs--and when they don't, it is rather blinding for the person. One can't see as clearly compared to someone with both eyes healthy. It is the same with relationships. The eyes imitate how we should look at life, in terms of love at least. No man's an island, and the eyes clearly manifest that. The more we refuse to see with our partner (family, friend or special someone) the more we fail to see the bigger picture. The eyes come in pairs because the world is a big wonderful space that has so many corners one has to try and see with light. Although looking at life with "both eyes" doesn't necessarily mean you see how things should be seen, it brings you closer to it.

Yes there's such technique where if you want to make a shot, you have to close one eye to make sure you make the right move; however, this line of sight doesn't really involve the natural act of sharing love entails. Looking at life alone increases your chances of missing out on things. A selfish sight doesn't reveal the beauty of life. If you share your perspective with someone else, you end up getting closer to perfecting your perceptions. If you look at love with both eyes open, you see the pure essence of the emotion just like looking at someone else' eyes reveal the beauty of his/her soul.

There are a number of poetry and songs which refers to the spaces between one's fingers as the spaces where one's partner's fingers fit well--this creates the image of two hands holding each other. I guess there's nothing wrong in that picture, I mean those spaces must be there for something, why not be there for someone too?

When I was still in high school, my uncle told me I shouldn't worry about not knowing what the hell I am here for, what the hell I'm supposed to do with my life. He said, it's a question that drives people through life. He was describing my question as an unanswerable one not because the answer doesn't exist but because you don't really need an answer to do something wonderful to be remembered by. The hands, as they continuously remind us of those little gaps and shortcomings, in terms of knowledge, success, personality and many more, is also a reminder that we don't have to "complete ourselves" to make our lives come full circle.

I'm not saiyng that in order to fulfill one's purpose you need someone to complete you. I am not a follower of that belief. I don't like to go about thinking that I am an incomplete person until I meet that "someone". Although I do believe that eveyrone's incomplete, one way or another. It may be something material like you not having that book which tells the story-of-your-life, or something more abstract like you missing a life you let pass because of fear; but the sum-of-it-all isn't something that would cripple anyone enough to spend a life looking for that missing part.

We are incomplete, deal with it. Our hands function perfectly well despite these gaps, that should be enough encouragement right? The spaces between our fingers are the home for someone else' life to rest every now and then. In love, when we meet someone who fits our gaps perfectly well, it is but a sign that somewhere out there, someone is also walking/dancing/marching/singing through life as incomplete as you. Love complements life. What we miss in life, we are sure to find in love.

Then we also have our feet. Our feet takes us to places. Every time we want to go somewhere, be it a real or an imaginary place, it is difficult to imagine ourselves going there without using our feet. See, we don't have wings. And even if we do, somehow we would still use our feet to land from one place or another right? Even just to stand still, the feet carries our load.

In love I think it is best to notice how strategically placed the feet are in our body. Our feet was placed so far from the head that it is but easy to see it as our body's way of telling us never to think of leaving love behind.

The head was placed nearer our heart because we do need to still use our heads when deciding on matters of the heart (not that it always win over it, but every decision we make, especially those driven by our emotions still requires a certain level of logic). It then follows that the feet are placed far from the head because in love we should be able to commit ourselves. Leaving should be our last thought.

In love, we should stay.


Leave me a comment, let me know what your favorite love part is. Thank you! Happy second week of FebLOVEly! (Photos were just Googled)


  1. I love this entry. The famous line goes, very well said. :)



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