Things a Tub of Ice Cream Taught Me

There's more to love about your favorite Selecta Ice Cream.
Below are pictures of my favorite Selecta flavor: Selecta Gold Berry Strawberry Ice Cream.

No. 1
Selecta, as a brand, supports Step Juan, a walking expedition for the benefit of Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc. So dig in. Also, visit Step Juan website to know how you can help!

You can dig up to 20 BIG Strawberry chunks in one tub (1.66L) of Selecta Gold Berry Strawberry ice cream! Perfect for sharing this month of love.

The more you love, the more lives you save. So cheers to the dessert with a heart.



  1. Oh! How come I didn't know about this? It sucks to have a night job for 2 months. I am not updated about news and TV commercials. Anyway, I've been eating pistachio ice cream for two days. This one is very tempting. I will eat on Monday. Haha. Thanks for sharing. :)


  2. YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS, ay grabe :D


  3. I may not wait for Monday to try it. So tempting. :D



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