Pretty Lovely

Not everyone knows how much I love a pretty face. No, I don't mean beautiful people. No I don't mean loving the stunning. My fascination is simply limited to the pretty face, being a face that has all these pretty little features.

And like everyone else, a personal frustration is the skin. Well, I am among the few lucky ones who hardly gets breakouts. Fortunately for me if I end up with a zit, that rare appearance would be hiding somewhere near my hairline or my eyebrows. I haven't had those dreadful nose-pimples, yet. A tip I always suggest people, although this tip mind you has no scientific bearing, don't tease people with pimples because if you tease people with pimples about their pimples, you'll get pimples as karma.

Trust me, it's not worth the risk.

This summer, for those with active sweat glands such as I, is a fearful season because it is unendingly hot. Gone are the comforts provided by the melting ice caps, the sun is boss, like it always have been the center of our solar system.

As preparation it is important to have the perfect protection, and although there are but a huge line of sunblock creams and lotions at your favorite store, I would like to share one discovery I am so happy to have made. The Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals liquid foundation.

I forgot to ask the beautiful ladies from Maybelline if it's a new line because I know of their Clear Smooth liquid foundation, I'm just not sure if the Clear Smooth Minerals liquid foundation is an improvement or a new line.

Nonetheless, my skin is most thankful for it. I tried it and it was just magical. Since it's liquid, it's light and it doesn't feel stocky on the face. It's also as if you're just applying moisturizer, it blends well and after all those wonderful strokes you do (better if you do it as if you're massaging your face) you'd be surprised by how natural the foundation is on your skin. Truly, it is like a second skin--only better.

Other than being a good foundation, since it's a "mineral make-up", it does your skin good too! A little goes a long way indeed! Not only does it make the perfect base for your summer make-up but also it nourishes and hear this, protects your skin too.

It has SPF18 which is of course a great thing because no one wants (more) sunspots to worry about right? So yes, I am probably raving here but I did the one day work test wherein I try the make-up (or whatever product for that matter) for a day, preferrably the busy kind, and see how the make-up manages a day of no touch-ups. Boy, did this foundation pass with flying colors.

I just love anything small and astonishing. With the little cute pack of liquid foundation I got to try, I'm already excited to try on all these mineral make-ups for a next project. I checked the stores and saw that Maybelline do have a decent line-up of mineral make-up, so does L'oreal, which I'm hands down excited about.

I'm still listing down the different make-up brands and types of mineral make-up that I am planning on hitting the road with. If you have any suggestions or if you have your own line (since based on my little bazaar research, there are numerous "unexploited" lines out there), please, don't hesitate to let me know.

Have a happy summer! Trust me, your face would be more than pretty with Maybelline's Clear Smooth Minerals liquid foundation.

Oh wait, it ain't summer yet. Oh well, today was one hot day. I feel so sweaty and sticky (pats the face) amazing, it still feels smooth and silky.

I think I've found true love.


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