Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As mentioned in my LOA blog (though it didn't really feel like I ever had a break haha), I would update all you with the The North Face 100 (TNF 100) event held at Baguio last April 24 and 25. I wasn't there because that weekend was the weekend of my college graduation (the very delayed one, FYI I have been out of college for months now, it's just that the ceremony I'm a part of came too late); but here's an inside scoop on what happened: thank you and please send Lilia Cornelio your warmest hello.

Lilia Cornelio is a confessed jetsetter so if you're also one who aims to walk the different regions of this beautiful world, don't hesitate to befriend my friend. :) Rest assured, she's a breath of fresh air.

Cheers to a great set, go!

Here's to hard work.

Here's to defeating your fears.

Here's to reaping what is yours to keep.

Know the story that was revealed way up north, high enough to kiss the clouds... to dance with the stars.


Let me know, what has been your most memorable "conquered-challenge"? Be an inspiration.

The well deserved applause.

As mentioned in my LOA blog (though it didn't really feel like I ever had a break haha), I would update all you with the The North Face...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Brighter – Paramore Music Code

In my previous blog, I "complained" about not having proper closures in my life. To start my better future, may this blog serve as a punctuation, a key that'll open up a wider and more exciting road ahead. Thank you very much for the memories UP. You and I, we'll always have a mutual understanding, a connection, an it's complicated relationship. You made life complicated, thus making it worth waking up to.

April 25, 2010, I officially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, cum laude. With that said, may I just share with all of you the memory--the experience of a goodbye that is actually, literally, a good thing.

I love sunflowers, and every year, the university avenue features a parade of sun-shiny sunflowers to congratulate each graduating batch. I murdered a sunflower, I'm sure I'm not the only person who's guilty of this crime; but yeah, I picked a sunflower--to remember the glorious 25th of April by.

I don't know if this is weird but every time I see sunflowers I actually feel them speak to me. I won't tell you what they say, it's a secret between me and the blossoms, but it's so endearing. Sometimes they sing. How I wish the world can hear.

I embedded the Paramore song Brighter on this blog because it is among my list of COMFORT SONGS. It's heartbreaking yet it's a graceful exit--or at least that's how I imagine the song and that's how the song moves me. I love Brighter because I always feel that way towards special moments and people, including my own experiences and myself.

"If it ends today, well I'll still say that you shine brighter than anyone."

What better song to explain the feeling of graduating than Brighter? College life was a whirlwind and to a certain extent, a whirlpool of emotions. Sometimes I was blown away, sometimes I was flushed down the drain. College life injected me with the drug called LoveForLife and I'm excited, beyond measure, to walk away and put into practice all the things I learned, or thought I've learned so far.

Sunflowers are strong majestic symbols and even representations of how I see life, how I feel for life and how I position myself in contrast to life. Sunflowers are beautiful, seasonal, delicate yet undeniably fierce compared to other soft-spoken blooms. Heck, sunflowers, when they sing, they sing the rock classics; when they talk, they beat the geniuses.

As the month of May moves closer, sunflowers die. Rain will take them away, their strong and thick exterior will wither against the moisture of the air, but they will forever exit strong. The world has no other choice but to wait for their grand return.

But of course, before any exit, one must pack her belongings. I once cooked up this motto, an original Kumiko Mae motto: "Take that one thing, and go. Go, take that one thing." Agree? Yes? (Check out this video. First Elevate. Not the nicest video online but it's a nice memory. Saya na napapadpad ako sa gitna haha!)

I would be lying if I say it didn't strike me as overwhelming to see some of my friends from the UP Pep Squad Drummers. I wish I saw more, I miss so many of them, but nonetheless it was such an honor to have seen them, to have them grace even, the 44th batch of UP Mass Communication graduates.

The beat of the drums serve as light (Speaking of light, why not remember the amazing lights show of the UP Pep Squad Drummers for Elevate 8: Life One Another UP). It leads me back to happiness. It always leads me back to my happiest kind of elation.

I can't wait to intoxicate the world with my wonder. I know, somewhere between my messed up strands is the will and the power to make things happen. I am ready, or I believe that I am, therefore in no time I'm sure I will be, if I'm not yet--ready.

Ready. Set. Go. Tak tak tak tak (Check out this video to learn how to cheer your heart out :) or laugh your heart out, why not?)

(Check out this video. Was wearing my Touch Rugby jersey: 91 because 19 was taken! LOL pinagtumbling pa ko sa simula. The things that drummers do for the love of!)



(Check out this video. This video too! Thank you ABS-CBN and The Filipino Channel!)

Kumiko Mae Yasuda po, 2005-03398. Graduate. UP Mass Com.

(UP PEP SQUAD DRUMMERS. Miss ko na magpractice ng lokohang halftime with you guys! Kembot kembot, yeah. Can you spot me here? Joey, Karyn and I were shown getting ready to groove. haha THE PINK UMBRELLA'S MY UMBRELLA :D haha ITO first halftime in ARANETA! Wow. Awesome feeling.)

PEP. Ikaw na.
Ikaw ang pinakamahalagang nangyari sa Buhay UP ko.


BECAUSE I can't find a decent video of the Araneta game drummer's halftime, Just check this great vid out. Sigaw ka at home ha? Go drummers!

What We Do IS What You Just Can't Do

Brighter – Paramore Music Code In my previous blog, I "complained" about not having proper closures in my life. To start my be...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Please take time to click on the links, and check out the chummy reaction system I have for all my posts--aka please click the button and give me a hug! :)

Today, I hope I find the right dress--or even just a good one. Sunday would be such a big day for me. I'll formally be leaving my beloved alma mater and I know that this would mean leaving a huge and important part of me behind--to rest until I find my way back with a Graduate Degree in mind.

In my four year and a half stay in the University of the Philippines, I have never seen Oble wear a sablay. That is why I am immeasurably excited for Sunday. I've seen Oble in various forms: touched by nature (as seen in the photo above and as displayed in front of Quezon Hall, welcoming all Iskolars entering through the University Avenue), preserved by specialists (as seen by Iskolars who'd take time to visit the UP Main Library's upper floors--third floor if I remember it correctly), caricatured by artists, mocked by activists mocking the government, brought to life by a Lantern Parade float, also brought to life by the most amazing Pep Squad ng Bayan--the UP Pep Squad on their winning Tribal routine for the 2008 UAAP Cheerdance Competition where I was one of the kick-ass drummers playing the knock-out heart thumping tribal beat you'd hear if you watch the video--please do! it's definitely one of the best routines ever because REALLY, the crowd's energy infused with the squad's fierce performance was just unbelievable, imitated by fraternity members, patched on jerseys and multicolored in statement shirts; but I have never seen him wear a sablay. A sablay, known to the Iskolar ng Bayan, as the toga--a simple sash carrying UP's colors and UP's name in alibata. I'd love to believe I'm deserving to wear and own a sablay. Sumablay na ako! Finally.

With this, I'd like to request a Leave of Absence (LOA) from this blog. Rest assured I'll be back with a vengeance. Just so you have an idea, here are some of what I believe I would owe all of royal readers (pun intended). Tell me you'd miss me / you miss me here : HAPPY PEOPLE ARE HERE.

To begin with, did you know that The North Face 100 (TNF100) is set to set trails ablaze tomorrow? Where else other than the picturesque terrain of Philippines Summer Capital, Baguio. For this, contributing writer and photographer, Lilia Cornelio and Paco Scott would represent yours truly so as all you health buffs and marathon enthusiasts wouldn't be left out. Thank you to who else but Recreational Outdoor eXchange for providing me the opportunity to share with all of you what will happen way up north.

Just to let everyone know, whenever I receive an invite to an event, I always look for what can be essential to that particular event before I decide if I would participate in it or not. When I was invited to TNF100 Trail Run, not only did I find all the reasons I needed to give it a yes; but also I was even made more excited because it is truly a big and important run compared to the usual marathons held in the various "running districts" of the metro, or nearby provinces. TNF100 is a leg of a more global campaign on health, running and "Defining one's limits". This is why I requested a contributor to represent the blog because I wouldn't miss having the opportunity to share something from the event to you, beloveds.

So to all those who would partake in this delightful road-slash-running trip, good luck! May you all finish the trail and rediscover your limits. Push your boundaries and be one with nature. Every challenge can be defeated by taking the first of the many big and small steps to greatness! To all who are as excited, as I am, to hear about the wonderful stories and to see the wonderful pictures from the event, I will be posting a post-event blog when I return from my LOA. Wait for eeet!

Thank you to the organizers who brought TNF100 to the Philippines! From left to right: Jundel Llagas, The North Face Brand Manager; Diana Velasco of Nature Valley; Neville Manaois, TNF100 Race Director; and Dinah Lim, AVP Primer Group of Companies.

Other than TNF100, I also owe all of you the solution for your last minute must-look-stunning dilemmas. A special legally slap treat and of course, let's not forget the group date (to be part of the Max Brenner group date this coming May, just leave me sweet nothings on my wall right here).

Of course the post-event updates for TNF100 and the 4th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival is also up and coming. Wow, my organizer suddenly turned itself into a blog!

Busy busy, but this is life! Every minute counts. Let's continue counting the minutes, and the blessings!


For event invites, you may reach me here. Don't forget to like the page so you'd be part of my growing Happy People network. :) Hope you enjoyed the links! I enjoyed linking various sites up to make this BUSY BLOG busier, (sorry for the repeated links of TNF100, oops another one! haha)

Defy Your Limits: on finishing college and on resting and planning a strong comeback!

Please take time to click on the links, and check out the chummy reaction system I have for all my posts-- aka please click the button and...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are you ready to race against the sun?

I have long been a fan of sports, anything related to it. I am not saying I understand sports, nor am I saying I'm good at any sport, but for the sake of fun, and for the love of adrenaline-rushed events, I could definitely say I love sports--and with this I'm also implying that I love athletes.

I admire sports, and athletes, because I know or at least I can imagine the demands, the discipline and the determination and perseverance that being good in a sport or being involved with a sport requires. It isn't just about one's physical fitness. It is also about dedicating time and a huge part of yourself, of your heart, of your life, to a particular sport just so you perform it well--with respect even.

I admire athletes because a true athlete has unquantifiable heart. For example, football. Football players run from end to end, under the scorching heat of the sun risking the beauty of their toes just to be able to deliver a good game. I like that. I like anything that is empowered by pure love--"puso" as we call it in the UP Pep Squad (University of the Philippines Pep Squad)

Exactly a week ago, April 14,2010, I was invited to the 4th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival. For this coverage held at none other than the premiere outdoor experience lifestyle and concept store, R.O.X., I asked my paddler friends to represent me and Travel Plus magazine--it was just not worth missing out! What makes them perfect for it too is because they themselves would go to Boracay and witness and even participate in the event! (I will request some photos from the event itself and put up a post-event blog for those who wish to be there, despite not being there)

(Photo above shows the cutest sidekick of any sports enthusiast, the Score Card: an infinite sports lifestyle card, the key to unlock the benefits of living an active lifestyle. For more information on the Score Card, check out their site here.)

(Photo above shows One Sport magazine, deserving of a vote for being a reliable sports and fitness events guide.For more ideas on how to live "life thru sports", visit their site here.)

(Photo above shows a creative shot of Manny O Wines, you might recognize the name for their billboard along EDSA. To experience "aromatherapy to the mouth", visit the wine sanctuary here. Photo below shows Manny O himself, candidly smiling.)


Below are some snapshots of the organizers of one of the most exciting events to wake up the shores of Boracay.

(Photo above shows Philippine Dragon Boat Federation President and organizer, Boracay Island Paddlers Association, Inc President, Nenette Aguirre-Graf.)


Thank you ladies and gents for covering the event. Hope you enjoy the race which starts tomorrow at the Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Convention Center beachfront! To all participants and dragon boat enthusiasts, row with power and the best of luck!

Strength is not in number.


For future events, don't hesitate to reach me with an E-mail
Writers and oh, athletes, basically people who are all heart, please leave me a note here. I would love to share my world with you. :)

Paddlers Unite: 4th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival

Are you ready to race against the sun? I have long been a fan of sports, anything related to it. I am not saying I understand sports, nor ...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Wellness isn't just about having that healthy mind and body, it's also about growth, it's always about growth. Everything's all about being healthy nowadays, what people shouldn't forget is it involves enriching oneself too. Art plays an important part in achieving that--in growth and extending one's horizon."
- Maxine Syjuco
Poet. Performance Artist
April 13, 2010; Yuchengco Museum, RCBC Plaza Makati City


Thank you Ms. Maxine for being nice and warm despite your fierce answers explaining your art.

Maxine Syjuco on Wellness

"Wellness isn't just about having that healthy mind and body, it's also about growth, it's always about growth. Everything&...
Exactly a week ago, April 13 2010, I was invited to the Opening Night of the new exhibit of the Yuchengco Museum, RCBC Plaza Makati City. The exhibit was entitled Full Circle: Creativity Moving Through Generations, an exhibit that espouses to raise the question whether artistic talent is acquired by nature or nurture.

It featured outstanding works from top Tsinoy artists of various generations. Among the few families featured in Full Circle, I was deeply moved by the works of Mark Lewis Higgins, son of Philippine fashion icon Salvacion Lim Higgins, also known in the industry as Slims; and by Michelline, Beatrix and Maxine Syjuco, daughters of conceptual artists, Cesare and Jean Syjuco.

(Photo above: Me in pink floral dress catching up with long time unseen friend, performance artist and painter, Eghai Roxas.)

I got to talk to Mr. Higgins for a short while and I managed to ask him a few questions regarding his work, particularly the artworks below (clothes on mannequin are from Slims collection--look at that dress and bolero on the left!).

MLH: I think that the demarcations of what is "east" and what is "west" isn't that clear. I think from an aesthetic point of view, the goal (of my collection) Crossing Boundaries is to show that (the "east" and "west") can be combined; while from an intellectual point of view, the goal is to have viewers like you think about the past.

MLH: My mom inspired me because as you can see with her designs for the terno (as seen on photo above), you can see the combination of local Filipino flavor with the aesthetic savor of French fashion. My mom disciplined but never dictated. She always told me, I have talent, I should go where my talent would take me.

MLH: When it came to my costume designs, when I did designs for the characters of The Chronicles of Narnia, I explained how much I wanted the costumes to not just be costumes. You can see with the details of the robes and even the hair pieces and accessories that there's a story behind each of the character's costumes alone. It manifests a little of the character's distinct personality as it is infused with the rich culture of the Eastern and even Western history.


Compared to the "intellectual" course Higgins' works encouraged, the Syjuco family's section provided a different trip. It was a more intrapersonal discourse, emotional and thought provoking. Impressive, eye-candy installations even, the Syjuco family's exhibit tickled more than my sense, it sent a shock of electricity to my heart.

One of the younger Syjucos, Maxine, candidly shared some of her insights regarding art, the creative process and of course, women--the recurring symbolized image of the pieces she exhibited for Full Circle.

(I went to the exhibit with friends Lilia Cornelio and Elaine Tan. Look closely on the photo above, the lady in white is Lilia, hello Dada)

MS: I took a poem of mine and I imagined what it would look like if you can actually see the words turn into objects. (To read some of Maxine's poems, visit her site here.)

Maybe it's my love for women, for drama, for moving words and movement with words, and for flowers that made me want to stay forever in front to this beautiful wall (photo below). It is the visual representation of an original Maxine Syjuco poem which made me think of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince and his one and only rose, and of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. The work below is from Ms. Syjuco's first solo exhibit held last year.

From Words to Pictures
For me the creative process is all the same because when I write I use my hands, when I make visual art right now, what I do is start with my hands because I photograph my fingers. I begin by doing performative acts with my fingers then I think of a way to present them in a more complex manner.

On women
MS: I used flowers because flowers, roses, are always used as symbols of romance, femininity and of being a woman. A lot of my works speak of women. It's about how people always think women are gentle and soft but we do get hurt and when we do get hurt it really is like hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.

Open Heart Surgery
MS: For me it's always just about putting your heart into it (the creative process). I don't conceptualize what it would look like from the start. I enter the process with an open heart so (the piece is moved by) an active emotion and hopefully when people see my works they feel something.

MS: My favorite would have to be The Crib. I love Philosophy and existential thought. At that time, I was questioning, why is it that when we're infants we don't remember anything? Who is erasing them? What if it's because we are all born evil and our memories are actually evil?

(Want to know what this beautiful poet has to say about wellness? Visit this link.)

From a list of quotes from the book The Little Prince:
"People where you live," the little prince said, "grow five thousand roses in one garden... yet
they don't find what they're looking for..."
"They don't find it," I answered.
"And yet what they're looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water..."


The Full Circle exhibit will run from April 13, 2010 to June 30, 2010. Please visit and share your experience, let me know where your heart would take you.

Photos by Lilia Cornelio. Here's a link to what she has to say about the exhibit.

Full Circle, fully loaded.

Exactly a week ago, April 13 2010, I was invited to the Opening Night of the new exhibit of the Yuchengco Museum, RCBC Plaza Makati City. Th...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please like this post if you have experienced hit-you,no-smacked-your-head-hard-type of love, at least once.

When I met you I thought, "I just met the most beautiful woman in the world."
When I lost you I realized, how right I was when I thought of that.


I think you're really beautiful behind the wheel. You make me want to pull the windows down and just let the wind play with my hair.
I think you're really beautiful when your hair's a mess, I think you make any mess beautiful.
I think you're really beautiful when you fix your hair, those "bangs" I blame of hiding your eyes. I'm not fond of your eyes, yes, but I'm fond of who you are and your eyes are an understatement of your beautiful soul, I don't like that.
I think you're really beautiful when you don't react, you look like a beautiful statue: hard, cold, permanent.
But I think you're most beautiful when you illicit a reaction because it is when you connect to the world that you wear your most beautiful heart on your sleeves.

I think you're really beautiful when you're alone. It makes me want to sit close, closer, forever.
I think you're really beautiful when you're in a crowd. You stand out, no, you wash them all out with your radiance.
I think you're beautiful when you eat. I like seeing you nourish yourself with the good things.
I think you're beautiful when you drink. Oh, when you drink coffee I am wide awake; when you drink beer I am all drunk.
I think you're beautiful when you think. I couldn't wait for the things you have to say.
I think you're beautiful when you're asleep. You are my dream come true.

I think your small teeth are beautiful.
I think your body is beautiful.
I think your legs are the smoothest thing my hands could ever touch.

I think your voice is sexy.
I think your humor is crazy.
I think the way you carelessly slide off the floor is a graceful dance.

I think you're beautiful by the beach.
I think you're beautiful against the light.
I think you're beautiful anywhere you decide to stand.
I think the world is beautiful because of you.

I think your hands are cold.
I think your touch is warm.
When you stop being beautiful,
is the day I go blind.


Cherish the love @kumikomae

Please pass this on, it's about time that we let every single "most beautiful person" of this world know that for someone, she is everything beautiful.

Copy this:
I just want you to know that to me, you are and will always be, my most beautiful. http://bit.ly/bK24Fh

Please like this post if you have experienced hit-you,no-smacked-your-head-hard-type of love, at least once.

To My Dearest,

Please like this post if you have experienced hit-you,no-smacked-your-head-hard-type of love, at least once. When I met you I thought, &q...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Romeo and Juliet – The Killers Music Code

Romeo and Juliet
The Killers
an original Dire Straits song

I can't do everything but I'd do anything for you.
I can't do anything except be in love.

I love you like the stars above. I love you til I die.

All I Do is Miss You

Romeo and Juliet – The Killers Music Code Romeo and Juliet by The Killers an original Dire Straits song I can't do everything but ...

Monday, April 12, 2010


I truly believe in the wonders of childhood. Innocence. Hearty laughter. Simple pleasure. Those few things spell my definition of childhood. Not age. Not skin. I believe that even the prunest of all faces can be the youngest of all hearts. There are so many little and big ways to remain young. Most start with the mind, that if you think young (doesn't mean immature), you keep a youthful heart--hence a youthful spirit.

Last Saturday, April 10, 2010, I had the lowest of all low mood. It completely darkened my summer cloud. I had no other choice, or should I say, I had no better thing in mind, but to regress... I don't know if that's a good thing.

Back in college I remember that among the few coping and/or defense mechanisms available for the human mind to partake in, regression is one of my most often (unintentionally and intentionally) used "mechanism". I feel comfortable in it, regressing. I feel entirely refreshed whenever I regress. It's like after my regression, I become this more mature, more open-minded and stronger "grown" person--not grown-up because grown-ups don't understand anything, says The Little Prince (pop-up book video).

So on the wonderful Sunday of April 11, I went back to my curly roots. I wore our youngest's dress, haha, and wore my "Strawberry Fields Forever" bling from Cute-Ture, and faced the warm sunshine of such a glorious day. I knew the day before that I badly needed a quiet me-time and all I could think of was to pray. So I headed off to EDSA Shrine to pray in one of my favorite adoration rooms. It gave me the best(est) feeling ever. I really felt so happy. I don't know if it was Elaine's presence, or if it's because I badly needed to clear my mind, or if it's a mixture of both. Probably it's a mixture of both. But whatever, I felt so happy. Happiness doesn't need explanations.

Before praying, I was at National Bookstore, Galleria. It depressed me a little, their "gay and lesbian section". It had NOTHING. Well, it had two gay novels, but that's it! Instead of rainbow literature, they had on the shelf Chuck Palahniuck novels. It first drove me nuts. I thought, "Wow! Palahniuck gay novels! AWESOME!" But no. They weren't. How unfair for the gay community. Where can we find books that cater to the "third sex"? Gays and lesbians are hardly a minority, I believe.

Anyway, here are some nice Chinese proverbs about happiness which I think everyone should memorize by heart, from childhood.

The more stupid, the happier.

If you have happiness, don't use it all up.

With happiness comes intelligence to the heart.

The contented man, though poor, is happy; the discontented man, though rich, is sad.

The man destined to happiness need not be in a hurry.

I just want to dedicate this advanced blog --since I won't be able to blog on Tuesday for I'd be at the Yuchengco Museum's opening of Full Circle, to the Universe. If you want it, claim it, and the Universe would conspire and give it to you.

I love Skittles.

My eyes are beautiful because I have a beautiful soul. :) -K-

When you're sad: "Don't forget to be a child."

I truly believe in the wonders of childhood. Innocence. Hearty laughter. Simple pleasure. Those few things spell my definition of childhoo...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm planning the Max Brenner date with online friends. Still looking for people who'd want to be part of it. I would appreciate... five or more. :)

Please join me here to be part of it! Leave a message on the wall. ♥

This is Awesome.

I'm planning the Max Brenner date with online friends. Still looking for people who'd want to be part of it. I would appreciate... f...


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