Sample Room Dream Party

Hello Sunshine! While the weather's a bit more gloomy, I want to throwback to the Sample Room party I attended last May. It was such a dream! The entire theme was sooo me! #DreamCatching
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So before anything, a peace sign selfie LOL
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If you don't know about Sample Room until now, then it means you've been living under a rock! Kidding.

But seriously, if you haven't tried Sample Room til now, then you're missing out a lot. Sample Room is a beauty sampling website where anyone can grab FREE samples of really cool and premium beauty items so they can check if a product works to their standards before committing to a purchase. Check out my SAMPLEROOM link for my previous Sample Room experiences.

So at out get-together held in the beautiful and secluded Balai Indang, we were welcomed by beautiful dream catchers, flower crowns, and of course, sampling booths from brands we trust. Guests enjoyed a swatchfest over at the Laneige booth, free skin care tips from Shiseido, and more!
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Oh yeah, I won the elusive prize over the the Cure Philippines booth!!! IDK if other people won, but apparently I was the first to roll the dice and match all 3 Cure bottles!

It also didn't hurt super not at all that the entire event had Instagrammable corners. Somebody YOLO'd ahem, me!
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-sample-room-party-8_zpsop5ibkni.jpg
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Enjoy 'di ba?