Nyx Simply Vamp She Devil

Hello Sunshine! While the world is going into a frenzy collecting all the possible deep and true brown lippies of the world, I want to focus on a different way (and if I may say, the original way) of going "dark" when it comes to lipstick. I'm talking about going vamp, or as Nyx Cosmetics would put it, Simply Vamp.
 photo nyx-she-devil-sv06-simply-vamp-lip-cream-top-beauty-blogger-philippines-Kumiko-Mae-LovingSunshine-swatch-2_zpsn84wzce5.jpg
Here I'm wearing Nyx SV06 or She Devil*. It's a very deep dark violet shade, that truly makes my lips go pop with sensation. If you're into the whole bigger lips effect, She Devil is a great bet. I love wearing this lip when I want to go easy on the eye makeup. It gives me that bold statement, without the whole overdone look. Sometimes, I can even get away with just She Devil and brows. Consider it a brooding version of your go-to red lip classic thing look. Best part, it looks superb against sunkissed skin--which I'm sure you beach babes are still sporting after all the summer getaways last April-May offered.
 photo nyx-she-devil-sv06-simply-vamp-lip-cream-top-beauty-blogger-philippines-Kumiko-Mae-LovingSunshine-swatch_zpsfrilt6kd.jpg
 photo nyx-she-devil-sv06-simply-vamp-lip-cream-top-beauty-blogger-philippines-Kumiko-Mae-LovingSunshine-swatch-4_zpsfdi7ycnf.jpg
 photo nyx-she-devil-sv06-simply-vamp-lip-cream-top-beauty-blogger-philippines-Kumiko-Mae-LovingSunshine-swatch-3_zpsoecgo6i7.jpg

What do you think? Keri?

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