A Hot Summer Look: Korean Style No-Makeup Makeup

Hello Sunshine! I'm sure you would agree that with the mass appeal of K-Pop and K-Dramas, the Korean Wave is showing no signs slowing down yet. Along with the expansion of South Korean beauty brands, this has also put their beauty standards and makeup practices in the limelight.
As striking as the looks of K-Pop and K-Drama stars might be, it’s not actually hard to pull off. A quick look will tell you that their approach is quite low-key and laid back. But whether you’re a fan or not, the minimalist approach has become all the rage—and is low-maintenance to boot. If you’re looking for a new look for the coming summer months, then here’s how you can do it yourself:

Start with Skin Care

Koreans are well-known for their famous 10-step skincare regimens. Don’t let the number get to you, though. To make sure that your makeup blends in easily, the only thing we need to do is wash with a light cleanser. After this, we’ll need a soft cloth to exfoliate your whole face. After washing, we can proceed with moisturizing the skin for a slightly dewy look. 

If you have dry skin, a good moisturizer can also help makeup stay longer on your face. 

Conceal Your Flaws

With our skin primed and ready, the next step is to hide any visible flaws and under-eye circles. Use a pigment-rich concealer with a small applicator. This allows for pinpoint accuracy when it comes to putting it on and blending it around. 

The trick here is to avoid using too much concealer. Build up coverage as necessary through thin layers. Also, make sure to blend it well to avoid a discolored look. Don’t shy away from using your fingers to mix the product directly. This is actually the best way to blend your concealer around your under-eye area.

Use Powder Foundations Sparingly

If you feel your skin is too shiny, follow up with some oil-absorbing powder. However, try to keep your application as light as possible. For best results, you should actually stay away from a powder-based foundation. A tube of sheer liquid foundation is better for achieving the most natural look possible. This ensures that your look remains as light and as comfortable as possible, while also avoiding issues with caking. Feel free to skip this step if you’re happy with your dewy look.

Choose a Warm Cheek Tint

Now it’s time to give ourselves a light flush around the cheeks. Cream-based blushes in warm peaches or pinks are ideal for a natural flush. Gently pat on and blend small amounts along the upper side of your cheekbone. Blend the product well to guarantee a more natural-looking flush. 

Outline Your Eyes 

Now we’re near the end. The No-Makeup Makeup look relies heavily on having well-defined eyes. But a slight mistake in judging your coverage can ruin your look. So before you apply anything, make sure to apply your makeup in daylight. Stay next to a window to get your colors and shades right.

It’s best to start with the eyebrows. Start combing with an eyebrow brush and fill in the empty patches with a brow pencil. You want to make sure that your eyebrows look well-shaped and solid without filling them in too intensely. It’s best to use a color that’s one shade lighter than your hair color. 

You can also go for a light dab of eyeshadow to give you a brighter gaze. Just a little color and some slight blending with your fingers will do the trick. 

Fill Up Your Lips

Lastly, we want to finish up our look with a warming and moisturizing lip color. It’s best to stay away from lipsticks, which tend to have a thicker consistency and are harder to match with your complexion. Instead, go for lip tints and liners, which have lighter pigmentation but can easily be built up and layered. 

Choose a color that complements your natural skin tone while providing a warmer look.  For an even lighter look, you can press the tint into your fingertips instead and apply directly with your fingers.  Start from the center and softly blend out, for a gradient appearance. 

Look Natural

The No-Makeup Makeup look relies on giving the appearance of having perfect skin. We can’t all have smooth complexions and small pores, but it’s not impossible to cover up with even the most basic of cosmetics. 

Given its easy application and light coverage, this simple look is a great choice for surviving through the warmer summer months to come. The best part is that it’s not as difficult to pull off as it seems. At its core, it’s just doing one simple thing: giving you a look that’s you—but better.