Loreal Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks

Hello Sunshine! So I just received the complete range of pink lippies from the Loreal Color Riche Collection Star Velvet Pinks* series. Perfect timing because just the other day, I was actually contemplating why I don't have much pink lippies... naturally, my answer was because pinks usually look unnatural to my Filipina skin toe. It even got worse now because I am a bit tanner, from all the swimmming hihi. Anyway, don't fret. If you're curious to try pink but are scared yourself, because you're intimidated by the shade, or you're just simply tired from trying the wrong kind of pink for so long... I have a few swatches to prove that you can go and ahead, #choosepinks, and be the fresh-faced beauty that you really are!
 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-Loreal-pinks_zpsjrmhid7d.jpg

Loreal Color Riche Collection Nymphea

 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-Loreal-pinks-3_zpsuyzxvudd.jpg

Loreal Color Riche Collection Jasmine

 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-Loreal-pinks-2_zps1vmmox1x.jpg

Loreal Color Riche Collection Rose Lotus

 photo top-beauty-blogger-manila-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-Loreal-pinks-4_zps6pifbijq.jpg

I hope my swatches inspired you to brave the pinks. If you think it's a lipstick shade that you can't ever wear, think again. It's all about founding the shade that would suit your skin tone AND personality/mood! Naks