Bonne Milk Salt Scrub

Hello Sunshine! Whenever I do my grocery shopping, I still allow myself to gravitate towards random beauty products. Usually, I'd stick to my favorites and bath staples, since the supermarket isn't really the best place to beauty shop--if you ask me. However, there would be times when I'd find myself a winner! Among many winning items I got while doing some grocery shopping, there is Bonne Milk Scrub! I don't know if you've tried this already--but if you haven't, you should. It's available in leading supermarkets, but is also almost always available in Watson's!
Bonne Milk Scrub

The Bonne Milk Salt Scrub is a dry and loose salt scrub.

In fact, I love this product so much, I went ahead and bought the bath scrub variant. I think this is among the fastest beauty finds that made it to my staples list. It's really great to use and effective.

I would use it before a creamy wash to make sure I get to exfoliate before using a moisturizing wash. I would also use it on my feet! It doesn't really exfoliate to the point of a foot spa, but it smoothens my soles, and removes dry skin cells even in between my toes.

However, the best part to use this scrub is on the armpits!!! It's very effective in smoothening and whitening the armpits! I noticed results even in just a short while of using the product. I also use it in between my thighs, near the bikini area to lighten my inner thighs.

I guess since I'm in the mood to perfect my armpits, it would be interesting for you guys to know this option to whiten problem areas like armpits, inner thighs, and even knees and elbows! Based on my experience, this milk scrub is a gentle bleaching product for the job. For just eighty pesos, super worth it.