My Skin Philosophie Facial

Hello Sunshine! So last weekend I visited my Dra. Kyla at Skin Philosophie in BGC for a much needed facial. I say much-needed because my whiteheads and blackheads have been out of control (mostly my fault because I wasn't very strict with my skin clearing regimen), and much-needed because with bad skin, I get more frequent ugly-makeup days. Anyway, I took lots of videos using Snapchat and I figured I'd share them here as well! Do follow me on Snapchat so you and I can experience life together--almost real-time! Note, all my videos were taken for mobile-viewing purposes so they're all portrait mode! #mobilefirst

Selfie video before the facial. When I visit my derma, I try to make it a point that I wear minimal makeup, but last weekend, I was in my nude-smokey-mood, so yeah. But since my therapists at Skin Philosophie understand how much I can't face the world without brows on, they avoid my eye and lip makeup when cleaning my face. Talk about considerate!

Therapist washing my face. Of course, like any facial, it begins with thoroughly cleaning the face. At Skin Philosophie, they also massage your face during cleanse so this part, I have to say, was very relaxing.

Best part? The facial cleanse slash massage takes a while, so more "spa-time" for me! More face cleaning ongoing.

After cleaning my face, they also flattened my wrinkles! Literally, it was like having a vulcanizer flatten my fine lines. Super love!

 Clean face forward!!! Then Dra. Kyla applied chemical peel on my face--while also reprimanding me for forgetting my Tret! I had so so so many whiteheads compared to my previous visit. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Because of my mane whiteheads, the scrubber had so much work. Watch the scrubber I talked about in my previous post in action. Basically, the scrubber has a wide and flat metal tip that vibrates to lift our whiteheads that are sitting on the skin's surface. It's not the same as pricking, to begin with it's not painful, but it kind does the same job. However, the scrubber can't get deep-seated comedones. For that you need extraction.

More scrubber scenes. I had so many whiteheads that the scrubber had to work overtime. Especially on my nose. Extreme whiteheads emergency right there! LOL

Now here's when Dra. Kyla applied high intensity laser magic on the scar on my chin. Because the setting would be higher, I was advised to expect hyperpigmentation. But that's okay, it's temporary anyway.

When it was time for my pores to STFU. This pore minimizing laser treatment helps improve the smoothness and appearance of the skin. I love having my pore minimized as well because it kinda helps my makeup sit well on my face. Of course, with a smooth surface, you get more flawless and airbrushed effect makeup anytime.

Love it!!! After the facial (WARNING, I made pa-cute)

 OKAY, bonus round. When I get a facial at Skin Philosophie, I also give my armpits some love. Last weekend, after I had my facial, Dra. Kyla had me try the Hydro-Jet Peel treatment. Basically, this type of procedure smoothens the skin and evens out the surface. It's the perfect complementary treatment after a laser procedure on the armpits, at least IMHO. See, after the hair removal laser, the armpits are kinda reddish.

With the Hydro-Jet Peel, the armpits become instantly smoother and taas-kamay friendly. Again, this type of treatment uses the combined gentle amazingness of water and air to smoothen, lighten, and brighten the face, neck, nape--and in my case, the armpit area. It's also a very refreshing procedure. It's like they just spray your armpits with water, but of course using the Hydro-Jet Peel machine, the right strength and should I say wind power is achieved, maximizing mild exfoliation of the skin.

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