Kala Carabao Milk Soap

Hello Sunshine! I want to take a moment today and feature a homegrown brand that I recently discovered, Kala Milk Soap, the first-ever specialty bath soap made from local carabao’s milk and other natural ingredients. Kala Milk boasts of having the highest content of good butterfat compared to other milk-based beauty products making it a leader in giving intense moisturization. To make it even better, they infused essential oils into their blends in concocting different carabao milk soap variants so Kala Milk Soap becomes more interesting by the bar.
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 photo beauty-blogger-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-mae-kala-milk-soap-carabao-milk-soap-10_zpse4rsvx6w.jpg

Coffee Kala Milk Soap

The Coffee Kala Milk Soap is also pretty exciting as I’m already a coffee scrub kind of girl. Because this bar has coffee in it, it can help minimize the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins with continued use. Get my DIY Coffee Scrub recipe
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Honey and Oats Kala Milk Soap

The Honey and Oats Kala Milk Soap is a combination of exfoliation and a gentle cleanse. The honey in this bar offers a gentle cleanse, while the oats provide a mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.
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Citronella Kala Milk Soap

The Citronella Kala Milk Soap is by far the most interesting for me because I love citronella scents. True enough, I get so energized with my citronella Kala Milk Soap. This variant is refreshing and energizing for the mind and body.
 photo beauty-blogger-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-mae-kala-milk-soap-carabao-milk-soap-7_zpszqspv62o.jpg photo beauty-blogger-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-mae-kala-milk-soap-carabao-milk-soap-2_zpskrtvtqxx.jpg

Peppermint Kala Milk Soap

The Peppermint Kala Milk Soap is a cooling and deodorizing bar. I can imagine this perfect for the more outdoorsy person—and in this weather too!
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Lavender Kala Milk Soap

(I lost my solo Lavender photo! huhu) The Lavender Kala Milk Soap has a calming scent that soothes the nerves and eases stress. This is perfect for those who get beat at work and would like to take their baths to a new level of calm.
 photo beauty-blogger-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-mae-kala-milk-soap-carabao-milk-soap-3_zpszqngk4fz.jpg

Aside from the above, Kala Milk Soap also has other variants: milk, green tea, and lemongrass.

Kala Milk Soap is also a community endeavor. It has strong roots in Baliuag’s agricultural community where the business operates and consequently grows through a 1-peso donation per bar sold, that of which will be used to build a scholarship fund for the Baliuag local farmer’s children. 

Kala Milk Soap is available at www.beautymnl.com for Php 150 per 115g soap bar--pretty much a peso/gram.