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Hello Sunshine! I'd like to share with you my second visit to Skin Philosophie UK in The Fort Strip, BGC. If you missed out on my previous post, I am working on having finer less visible pores through laser treatments from Dra. Kyla Talens' clinic. It's my first time to have such a laser treatment program and I'm very excited with the results so far. I've only had two sessions but the improvement around my nose area is so obvious. I still grow me some whiteheads because my pores are stubborn like that, but the laser treatment prolonged the minimized and fine pore effect so much better than any other facial I've tried. So to help you visualize what happens when I go for my treatment at Skin Philosophie, I took some snaps from my second session. Read on.
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After a clean face, comes the scrubber

If you've have a facial done beforehand then you very well know that it hurts to have your face, especially your nose, pricked just to remove those stubborn whiteheads and blackheads. That's why I'm very happy to have experienced the "scrubber" at Dra. Kyla's clinic.
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Basically, it's this flat metal head that your attendant will use to remove on-the-surface comedones (whiteheads or blackheads). These are the lesser stubborn blemishes you have poking out of those pores. These are the unsightly whiteheads or blackheads that makes your skin (I bet, your nose) feel really rough and just far from flawless. It's so much less painful because of its flat metal head. As it's lightly brushed against the surface of your skin, it squeezes out whiteheads or blackheads just like that--no need for too much pressure as one normally would experience during acne surgery or extraction. I love this part of the facial because this decreases the amount of "pain" I'd have to endure during acne surgery--by probably 50-60%!

The what I call "cool skin bulldozer"

Aside from reducing the size of my pores, of course I'm also gunning for younger-looking skin that's why I go seek Dra. Kyla Talen's help for help. So it's no surprise I enjoy these metal babies. Basically, they feel like little wrinkle bulldozers. They literally address sagging skin and wrinkles or fine lines by ironing out such appearances. The best part? The metal barrels are super cool so it's also quite a relaxing experience.
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Aside from using laser to help minimize my pores, I also go to Skin Philosophie to have laser treatment and heal this scar that I got from a dirty makeup brush used on me by a makeup artist. A similar device was used to prepare my skin for the laser treatment that targets reducing scar visibility down my chin.
 photo facial-laser-skin-philosophie-beauty-blogger-philippines-lovingsunshine-kumiko-mae_zpsmlbrmmqx.jpg

In case you're wondering, Skin Philosophie UK utilises medical-grade Palomar fractional laser technology that’s available only to a handful of experts in the country. "Donya Palomar" as I would quip, is a medical-grade machine that delivers an array of high-precision microbeams to repair damaged tissue by coagulating the deeper layers of the skin and stimulating natural collagen and elastin production to improve the skin’s tone and texture. Very pang-tita if you ask me! :) If you like to learn more about the laser treatments at Skin Philosophie, please visit this link

Clinic Location : The Fort Strip, 3rd Level, 28th Street cor. 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Telephone nos. 0917.8860646 / 02.2118762 / 0917.8906800 / 02.2158080. Landmark: The same commercial facility where Fitness First at the Fort is located.

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