Beauty Tips: 5 Steps to a Fresh Face

Hello Sunshine! Do you ever go through days make-up free only to realize that gasp, you have a special evening to prepare for? I go through days like that. When I get so busy at work, I would forget that I have a beauty event at night and I'd be so frantic because I wouldn't look worthy to be called a "beauty blogger" after a whole day of hustlin'! Now you might be thinking, how hard is it to beauty up, right? Well, for me it's a bit complicated. See... I don't feel comfortable applying makeup on a dirty face. I always prefer applying makeup on a clean canvass--best because this way I know my application would be even and would sit perfectly on my skin. So whenever this type of forgot-my-schedule mishap happens, I'd use my new-found favorite skincare item, the Nivea Facial Wipes.

5 steps to a fresh-faced beauty

1. Wipe your face clean - I use the Nivea Exfoliating Wipes* as my go-to thorough cleanser; although, I would recommend the Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes to those with sensitive skin. I would reach out for wipes more than I would a facial wash because dyahe to wash the face when you're at work. I'm hardly a careful washer and if I use a facial wash, I'd end up soaked with water post-cleanse! So for a less kalat and a more convenient cleansing method, I'd use Nivea Facial Wipes to literally #comeclean and feel pretty #withorwithoutmakeup.

2. Apply CC cream - I LOVE CC Creams. I love using a CC cream because it feels more like a tinted moisturizer for me. That said, if you feel like you're the type who needs more coverage, then better have your trusted liquid foundation handy--such as Happy Skin SS cream*--so you get a more flawless output. Personally, I'm fine with a CC cream's finish. Especially because I would do step 3. 

3. Powder your face - Nothing spells haggard for me than a shiny face. Especially the T-zone area--super dyahe if it's shining like diamond! My powder of choice right now is a translucent powder from Shiseido. However, if you're on tipid mode, even Johnson's Baby Powder would do! Just don't over-do it, because that is some white talc! If that's too amateur for you, then go for a powder that will actually keep your face matte all day. I've recently discovered L'oreal Mat Magique, and it's super good.

4. Line your brows and eyes - Now that my face looks fresh, I need to accentuate my features. Nothing makes a special evening more special than a stunning stare right? So perfect that pungay moment with properly shaped brows and lined eyes. Especially for my case, my brows are so sucky by default! So I really have to power through using my current brow-friend from Maybelline. For the eyes, I would flick a subtle eye liner using my Heroine Make eyeliner pen*. Then, I would use the brow powder side of my Maybelline brow pen to slightly contour my eyelids, adding depth and dimension on my crease. Thumbs up for multi-tasking products

5. Dress up your lips - Last but not the least is the lipstick. Nothing makes a simple makeup look va-va-voom then a powerful lip color. Good thing I would always have at least two lip color in my makeup kit!
So there, in just five easy steps, you can freshen up and be a pretty face even after a stressful day at the office (or school). Really, the trick is to start of with a clean base, so whatever you put on your face, whether you go light or full decked, would sit well and nicely on your skin making every touch of beauty you add on to accentuate your features would be perfection!

Got any fresh-faced beauty tip? Comment below!

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