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Hello Sunshine! What are your upcoming summer travels this year? For me, I had the super fun Music Festival held in Crystal Beach, Zambales for April. Next, I'll be visiting Batangas this Holy Week, going home to Cavite (maybe roam around some old churches too), then head over to Dagupan to join the festivities of the Dagupan Festival in Pangasinan (YUM! Milk Fish!)
For all these travel plans, I have my staple quirky summer essentials in one simple pouch. I find it easiest to keep my travel essentials in one pouch so it's always ready to go places with me in one grab! If you love to travel and see places yourself, I would recommend keeping your travel essentials in one pouch too! This helps packing up easier too so you don't have to worry about forgetting your toiletries and other personal stuff when you have spur-of-the-moment trips! Need tips? Check out my 5 quirky summer must-haves after the jump!

1. Amazing Argan Oil. 

When going outdoors, I make sure I have a handy-dandy bottle of Argan oil with me because it relieves any itchiness, sting, and even insect bites that I encounter. I also get very irritated when my skin (especially hands) are dry, so I make sure I can moisturize intensively anywhere I go.

2. Effective mouth rinse for oral care touch ups. 

I love using my Swish mouth rinse and can admit with pride that I keep one in my travel kit and in my every day kikay kit too. I can't stress how much I need my Swish mouthwash especially when traveling or dining out with friends. I feel uncomfortable without my mouth rinse and wouldn't risk the uneasiness especially when I'm out enjoying the world. Because of this, I always make sure that my mouth rinse travels with me too.

Summer Vacations are almost always about eating out too! So that's another reason why I always make sure I have my trusted Swish mouthwash with me wherever I go. It has Surefresh technology that gives me long-lasting fresh breath so I don't have to suffer dyahe moments when meeting new people and partying under the sun! I also love how it has a selection of really unique flavors which has always been an icebreaker at home and when I'm with friends. Those I met who haven't tried Swish mouthwash are always surprised with the flavors of my mouthwash--and I'm always eager to let them try because I know they would love it once they dip into the freshness of Swish mouthwash. It also doesn't hurt to suggest Swish to friends and family because it doesn't sting or hurt when you gargle! Ugh, I hate when mouthwash are so harsh my mouth end up feeling burnt after my rinse! Good thing Swish is a gentle rinse. No wonder I'm hooked, come to think of it.

Just to share, I rotate my mouthwash ever so often, so I always feel excited to rinse after eating out. Here are the different Swish mouthwash flavors that I use. My favorite is the Choco Mint number, but I'm actually currently using the Mangosteen Mint flavor.

3. Wet wipes.

Imagine yourself in a remote place without water or tissue. Imagine doing number 1 or 2 without anything to cleanse yourself with? How do you get by? Unbelievable right? But yes, adventures mean finding yourself in deep shit sometimes! So wet wipes are a must for me. I use it for the usual 1 and 2; and also use it to wipe my face clean, disinfect almost anything, and even, keep myself feeling fresh when a bath is a world away.

4. Ponytails and hairpins are also very important for me. 

I never dare underestimate the power of a bad hair day! No matter how beautiful a horizon, when you're going through a bad hair day, sometimes things find a way of getting sour so yes, I always bring with me hair things to turn things right side up!

5. Last but not the least, a refreshing bottle of fragrance.

This summer, I can't get enough of using my Victoria's Secret Aqua Kiss body fragrance because it's a very crisp and refreshing scent that settles light on the skin and feels really uplifting despite the scorching heat!

How about you? What are your summer must-haves?

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