7 reasons why I'm a Beauty Blogger

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Hello Sunshine! I didn't dream to be a beauty blogger like how I daresay, I lot of new beauty bloggers in the Philippines and internationally start with. I just really wanted to write and talk about things that excite me--and beauty stuff definitely tops that list.But I did have the tell-tale signs of a beauty blogger in the making.
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Read the 7 reasons why I'm a beauty blogger! Read after the jump to know if you've got what it takes too! :)

1. You carry a lot of lip things. 

One lipstick is never enough; and yes, you need a lip balm, a lip tint, a lipstick, a lip gloss, and different shade options for all of the above--in your bag, at your office desk, in your locker, at your best friend's house.

2. Speaking of best friend, you give your girl friends makeup as gift! 

Most likely, you'd give them makeup that matches your own (twin chapsticks!)

3. The first time you had your brows shaped, you went on and on about how your friends should try it too!

 Same thing happens when you try out other new things: a salon, a spa, a non-sticky sunscreen.
I just have to...

This Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer SPF is THE BEST sunscreen I've ever tried. It's so amazing, I just had to share it with friends and I'm sorry I'm not sorry, I raved about this for days (evidence A: still raving as we speak). This is the only sunscreen I've tried and felt comfortable using makeup with. It's truly feather-light, ultra-sheer, and icky-free! You know how most of us veer away from sunscreen because most SPF are thick or sticky on the skin, this isn't. You MUST try this.

4. Professional Selfies are your thing. 

An out-of-frame-na-bad-lighting-pa selfie shot doesn't happen to you; or if it does, you know the perfect filter to balance the flaws to perfection.

5. You take care of your skin because great skin is the best foundation!

6. You know the best foundation!

I fell in love at first swipe with this Shiseido Sun Liquid Foundation. Not only did I find the perfect shade match for my skin tone, when I tried this on, it felt really soft and silky on the skin. Then, as if that wasn't enough, it complete blended as second skin without the need to use powder just to set this liquid foundation. It's amazing! 

7. De-stressing means going to the spa.

And every time you step out of a spa, you're a brand new person! Renewed, refreshed, and probably sleepy but definitely ready for greatness!

What do you think?

Credit goes to the creators of the funny GIFs. I got them from Google search :)

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