With Neutrogena, Healthy is the New Beauty!

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Hello Sunshine! Have you heard the latest news? Filipino-British blogger, TV host and model Kim Jones is the new face of Neutrogena®!

Last week, I attended the launch of Kim's campaign with Neutrogena, and she was so excited to express how fun it was to now be part of a brand she has "loved for years."
“The Neutrogena® woman is naturally beautiful, optimistic and upbeat. Kim is all that, and more, which is why we’re very happy to have her onboard. As an actual brand user, she accurately represents the beautifully healthy skin that Neutrogena® advocates,” Ella Reyes-David (LEFT), Senior Brand Manager for Neutrogena said.
From Left to Right: Dr. Clarisse Mendoza, Kim Jones, Ella Reyed-David, Via Reyes-Abano

“Neutrogena® is a brand I grew up it,” Jones said. “I’ve been using it for about 10 years now and to be part of the brand is just a dream come true.”

She even shared how she busted beauty myths with Neutrogena! At the event, we learned how to take care of the skin, especially with the summer season just around the corner. From proper washing to sun protection, Neutrogena rises as the perfect solution to keep beautiful skin healthy--or should I say to have healthy skin to keep a beautiful radiance. Healthy is the new beauty, says Neutrogena, and boy does it have Filipinas nodding YES!

Healthy beauty

As an on-cam personality, Jones is often exposed to harsh lights and heavy layers of make-up. “I tape long hours so you can imagine the touch-ups. It really takes a toll on my skin,” she said.

To keep her skin healthy, Jones shared that she uses Neutrogena® Deep Clean™ Cleanser and keeps herself hydrated. On work-free days, the bubbly social media celebrity also likes to keep it relatively make-up free.

“What I love about Neutrogena® is that it’s very simple, and it’s really beneficial for your skin. But it should be a complement to more important skincare habits like drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated,” she said.

Sun protection is also essential to Jones, as she has been regularly spotted surfing with her fiancé, actor Jericho Rosales.

“Applying sun screen is really a big part of my skincare regimen,” she added. “Other than that, I do the normal things like cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I’m very minimal. I try to keep my skin sort of exposed so it can breathe.”

Do you aspire to have beautifully healthy skin too? Take it from Kim Jones! She advises finding a balance between the right skincare brand and living a healthy lifestyle.

“Skincare is so important but that’s not all of it. Beauty really does come from within. It will resonate from your personality, your level of fitness, your health, and even your eating habits. All those should be part of your overall beauty regimen.”

 I totally agree with her. So my key take away from the Healthy is the New Beauty campaign is this promise...

How about you? How do you keep your skin healthy?

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