The Body Shop Colour Crush Eye Shadows will Colour Create your Personality in a jiffy! by Kumiko Mae

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Hello Sunshine! Remember my freshly beautiful eye shadow post yesterday? Today I am back with another set of eye shadows that is meant to cheer up the sweet party girl in you. These eye shadows are from a favorite brand, The Body Shop, and these are from their new line of Colour Crush Eye Shadows*.
Continue reading to see swatches!
I have to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of single eye shadows because I like mixing colors a lot and having my makeup packaged separately would mean a heavier bag--and trust me, my bag must not get any heavier than it already is!!!

But when I tried these beautiful shades from The Body Shop, I was floored! In fact, I have not been able to let go of the eye shadows! Even if they're in separate packaging, they all come in clear non-bulky cases so they are convenient enough to still carry around everywhere! In fact, I have not been able to leave the house without Golden Girl and Midnight Kiss since my first swipe!

Just take a look at my swatches!

I got the following shades...

1. Golden Girl - look at it, it's such a winner! It's the most perfect eye shadow base and highlighter a girl a can find in a pot!
2. Be My Clementine - I couldn't resist this color because it says "Clementine", my all-time favorite character's name. I was afraid of it because it was orange, and I never saw myself wear orange for eyes; but I was pleasantly surprised that the shade actually turns peachy when applied on my skin, making it more wearable and dainty.
3. Black Currant - I will always lean towards dark violets for eye makeup because it suits my skin tone best, and this violet was very lovely, although I would've preferred darker pigmentation.
4. Midnight Kiss - This.Is.The.Best.MATTE BLACK eye shadow I've ever tried. It's so dark, it makes my eyes look sultry in one swipe! I love how this can be used to line the waterline and even define the crease. It is also PERFECT for creating hazy smokey eye looks and is so easy to blend, and doesn't create fall-outs!

Get the look by following The Body Shop's easy Eye Makeup tips!

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