Freshly Beautiful Eye Shadows for Christmas Parties by Kumiko Mae

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Hello Sunshine! If you're looking for an affordable but super cute way of celebrating Christmas in the name of beauty, don't worry. Gets kita. Christmas in the Philippines mean parties, reunions and a lot of photos that would all end up online. So today I prepared my personalized list of holiday palette to celebrate the Yuletide colors on my lids!
Check out these freshly beautiful eye shadows from San San Cosmetics* perfect for parties and Yuletide dates! :)
Continue reading to see swatches.

1. Vanilla Bean
2. Cotton Candy Pink
3. Yellow Topaz
4. Golden Chiffon
5. Green Mints
6. Black Ground

I love love love these 6 shades of San San single eye shadows. They're my right kind of frosted satin, and I love how pigmented and smooth they are without a primer! The best part? They're oh so wearable! You can wear either (or all) shadows without worrying about looking like a clown. Their colors are pigmented but not loud, and they also look very delicate. Want to see an EOTD using San San eye shadows? Check out my Ocean-Inspired Eye Makeup!

San San eye shadows are also very affordable, at Php50 a pop! You can choose from 20 shades, from different ranges: Candy Pastels, Jewel Colours, Earth Tones, and Smokey Hues.

San San is available at HBC stores nationwide. Like HBC on Facebook.

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