How to land your dream job by Kumiko Mae (TurnbackTuesday #39)

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Hello Sunshine! I once told a good friend of mine, it’s great to float around. That it’s great to have one foot hovering a whisper away reality just to keep things interesting. She agreed, and to date, I’m still floating my way to making the most out of myself.

Achieving a dream is part perspiration and determination. I’ll even go out of limb and say, it’s also part luck. But whatever the exact equation, a chunk of one’s success is in your ability to bridge the distance between where you are right now, and where you want to be in the future.

Are you a dreamer like me? Here are three things to try to help you land your dream job.

Have a clear vision of the future.

Knowing what you want to make of yourself. Whether you have a short-term or long-term plan, a clear vision of a goal helps you set a direction for your decisions, undertakings and even strategy. To achieve a project, make use of a road map so you can see your progress per step. To achieve a career goal, learn deep about the ropes and place yourself in that position you deem best to catapult yourself to success from.

Make room for improvement.

Imagine yourself to be a vessel. You are probably set to take the first few steps into achieving your dreams--but be humble enough to accept that there are areas about the way you work, think and even your personality, that would need some ironing out. Open yourself to constructive criticism and improve as you go. Not only will you be a better professional but allowing yourself to change for the better will also help you become a better all-around person.

Apply for your dream job!

One fatal mistake some people commit is being too passive about working towards their goal. If you want to land your dream job, you shouldn't shy away from applying (and having to go through exams and other tests) to determine whether you're fit for your dream position. Don't fear applying for your dream company or job, especially if you know you have exhausted all resources into improving yourself and equipping yourself with the proper skill set for your dream position. Now, made easier than ever, is a mobile feature offered by Globe Telecom, in partnership with JobStreet Philippines.

So tell me, how will you get your dream job?

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