Foot A-Peeling by Kumiko Mae

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Hello Sunshine! I have to be honest, I have bad feet. I'm not really a great dancer and I don't have a strut. But that doesn't mean I should neglect taking care of my feet. Come to think of it, they're literally the reason I get to go places! So today I just want to share with you how I achieved baby cheek softness for my soles! If you want to have smooth baby soft feet, peel your way to it! Read my Foot Appeal Foot Mask review. (Pardon to those eating)

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I've done some skin peeling posts for the face, and do vouch for the smoothness and softness\ it will reveal; but to be honest, it's my first time to peel for my feet and it was such a great experience! I'm definitely doing it again!

Foot Appeal Foot Mask is a foot peeling mask that I got to try through a sample from the July BDJ Box which was also given out as one of the major gift prizes for my 3rd year beauty blog giveaway. Was it a sample worth trying? YES! In fact, I'm on the lookout to getting a new batch. Using Foot Appeal Foot Mask will save you bucks of foot spa sessions (which won't even give you the results Foot Appeal can!) It is ideal to use Foot Appeal once every 2 or 3 months so yes, it's also perfect for busy bodies.

It's also very easy to use Foot Appeal. All you have to do is wear the sock masks, and wear a sock over it so it would stay put. Leave the foot mask on for at least 45 minutes, then rinse. Peeling will commence in 2 days. Utmost, it would take a week's worth of painless peeling! It's even fun to see your feet shed! Because you can literally feel and compare your old dull skin to your new younger skin!

On a different side note, The Body Shop UK sent me some of their delicious cocoa butter oils for the face, hair and body; and some of their new Color Crush eye shadows (with a bonus eye shadow brush because they know I love brushes!) I played around with the makeup last night and they're so so awesome. Please expect a makeup review soon! For now, I enjoy my weekend. Hope you do too!

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