Falling for Butterfly Twists by Kumiko Mae

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Hello Sunshine! Are you the type who's focused on applying for a dream job or working up a career ladder? Well, I get you. I'm turning 25 next month, and more than ever, I feel that I should start doing something out of my life and preparing for a future that is more relaxed and stable. Of course, I still have room to throw in more fun and my kinds of crazy, but I am very focused on more mature and responsible things like a career, not just a job, saving and not just earning. Because of that, I also work hard in treating myself with more proper things, like a relaxing spa treatment after a week-long grind, and even great shoes to walk in, especially when my feet are already suffocated with pain! This is where my new footwear sole sister comes in, Butterfly Twists!

Fly with me to learn more about Butterfly Twists Philippines new collection!

Butterfly Twists offers a set of beautiful foldable shoes that can match any girl’s personality. You can go from girly with laces and ribbons, or rockstar chic with its metallic and studs-designed ballet flats. The technology behind the shoe construction is also a plus; it’s made with durable elastic, with skid resistance and improved comfort and breathability.

Recently, Butterfly Twists Philippines unveiled their funky stylish new collection for the colder season that just drove me hyperdrive. They don't just have ballet flats now, they even have foldable rockstar boots and foldable rainboots (now that's a must-have!)

And of course I put my own pair of Butterfly Twists to a test drive. If before, you would think that foldable flats are only for spare, think again. They're also very ideal for your all-day use. And now that they have more stylish and premium designs made of premium materials, they can even pass for days you want to look simpler but still professional at the office!

Personally, here are my top 5 places to use Butterfly Twists!

1. shopping (Christmas Shopping included!)
2. meetings (going to events included!)
3. bacon run (yes! They're perfect for those days when you just have to have bacon for dinner!)
4. partying (and the after-party, of course!)
5. typhoon parade (when it's raining hard but you just have to look fashionable still!)

How about you? Do you use foldable shoes too?

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