FRAGRANCE LIBRARY: Gucci II and Coach Poppy Flower

Ever wonder why the smell of freshly baked goodies reminds us of home (even if home isn't really a place of baked goodies)? Keeping tabs on a certain scent (or stench) has been proven very effective for me when it comes to remembering things, so I figured it's perfect timing to share with you the two I've been alternating the past few days: Gucci II (left) and Coach Poppy Flower (right).

As I took photos of my fragrances, only then did I realize they were both pink! :) Between the two, I really prefer Coach's bottle more because Gucci's just so bulky! Whenever I am on my Gucci days, I carry it around without the cap because as you can see, the cap's just darn humongous and I'm telling you, it is heavier than it looks! In fact, I think it's safe to assume that the Gucci II's bottle cap is heavier than the rest of the perfume itself; which was weird for me, why would anybody design a bottle like that? Oh yeah, elegance. It does look priceless right? :)
So much glass sophistication! My perfume's a 50ml bottle only!

 Gucci II is a fruity floral musk that I use on days I want to feel sexy and intimidating. Sexy because the scent embodies my type of womanhood. It's very light yet captivating. It has a timeless appeal to it; yet refreshing. Speaking of time,  Gucci II is actually a 2003 release but almost a decade after, I find myself still enamored by it.  Gucci II is pretty much all you can ask for from an evening perfume but I use it during the day too. If you would like to feel sexy and intimidating too, I found this deal online for Gucci II, go to this link then get your coupon here: Free Shipping at on All Orders Over $70. You might also want to check this deal out!

On to the next scent, Coach Poppy Flower. Between to the two, I've been using my Coach fragrance a bit more because it has a friendlier vibe compared to the Gucci fragrance. My Coach perfume was given to me by my mom the day after I cried to her about my recent break-up! Talk about sentimental! :)

I also find that Coach Poppy Flower's packaging is a whole world of practical away from Gucci II's bulky bottle. Don't get me wrong, I love my fancy Gucci bottle, but in my bag, Coach Poppy Flower is more welcome. It isn't bulky and it is reasonably heavy. :)

More than the packaging, the fragrance of Coach Poppy Flower is miles away from Gucci too. It is a completely different lightness and tang. It is still a fruity floral mixture but I really love the dry down of Coach Poppy Flower compared to Gucci II. Coach Poppy Flower opens with citrus notes, envelopes you with floral (think jasmine) notes, and dries down with a comforting wooden musk delicacy.

Have you tried either fragrances? What do you think?


  1. I never wear perfume, but scents are closely tied to memories. Whenever I smell chlorine I think of my childhood and the summers spent in a swimming pool. Did you know that hearing is often the last of 5 senses to go during/at death? Sorry for being morbid.

  2. the bottle for the coach one is so pretty! that's so sweet of your mom to get it for you (:


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