FEATURE: Charm Pro Makeup Artist Toolbelt

It's almost post-summer and that only means one thing to my vocabulary--another "spring" cleaning season. I love it when seasons change because it gives me proper momentum-slash-motivation to rearrange some things. I'm not a very messy person but I'm also not the most organized so every now and then, I need to exert extra effort to put things in order. 

With that, let me share with you the Charm Make-up Brush Toolbelt I got from Beauty and Minerals. I've seen the toolbelt at the Cosmetologie 2012 fair for the first time but at the time, I didn't buy one cause I'm no professional make-up artist... I thought there'd be no point to having one. But, once upon a midsummer's dream, I was arranging my brush collection and it dawned on me. I need a new brush pouch for my brushes that aren't part of a set (aka. they don't have brush pouches or cases to call home).

So I phoned in Sophie and ordered my very own toolbelt. First, I sought her recommendation. I had no idea which to get: the black or the pink one. Surely, black was a more classic choice but since I was feeling like I need all sorts of fresh breaks in my life, I went for the happier pink toolbelt. It was a choice I didn't end up regretting. It even matched the Charm Vegan brush set I got months back. :D Read about that brush set here.

Like I said, I'm not a MUA so I don't really have much need for a toolbelt. But, this toolbelt is really a superb brush case so if you're the type who buys brush cases (I am), then I would recommend you get a toolbelt instead. You get a case, and a toolbelt in one! :) I really like that it had lotsa wide sleeves for my face brushes. I love face brushes so much so I end up with quite a lot... and storage can be quite challenging because brush cases/pouches normally have only a few sleeves for face brushes (for their chubby handles) to the point of having a 21-pc brush case but only 4 sleeves for your face brushes in need of a home. (all hell breaks loose here.)

Here are photos of the toolbelt in action. If you're interested in also organizing your own brush collection, you can also purchase at Beauty and Minerals Multiply site. The toolbelt is on an introductory price of P999 from it's regular SRP of P1,200. For more savings, I think Multiply still has an ongoing free deliver promo, so check them out soon. Note, I have an interesting fixation with duo-fiber brushes so please don't judge the photos. I also played with my camera's ART function so they come in different settings. I'll just write the respective filter settings as caption... but for a more truthful representation of the Pink toolbelt's color, refer to the photo above, the one with my Vegan brush set. As you would also notice, I can add more brushes for the photo-op but decided not to overload it for photo aesthetics... but rest assure, this toolbelt (especially if you're going to use it for your brush collection storage) can accommodate a LOT.

Soft Focus... see, so many sleeves.
Pinhole... it comes in a sturdy premium elegant faux leather fabric that has a professional yet fun texture to it.

Charm is really a trusted brand for beauty tools. I do trust it so I have no qualms recommending any of their products to you.
My first brush set, I bought as a Christmas gift to self even! It arrived when I was at the hospital. LOL I remember because I had dengue that time! See, Charm brushes arrive in my life with such impeccable timing. They make me happy.

If you'd like to read more about Charm brushes, check out my post on their pocket brush set, charm travel pro v.3 and soon I'll be sharing with you a kikay kit must-have that every brow-fectionist shouldn't live without.

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Think bright. Smile a lot. :)



  1. What a cool belt. Such a great way to store all those brushes.

  2. Hehe., parang mga suot ng mga salon artists., hehe apron full of holes para sa mga tools., :D
    cute! :)

  3. I really like the brush set!


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