FEATURE: Lorys Hair Cream in Fruit Cocktail

Imagine yourself in a tropical paradise. Now, imagine yourself looking like these bunch:

Giselle Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are the three names I first think of when you say Brazilian then of course next, I think of Brazilian wax. They are among the most popular Brazilian supermodels internationally. Angels, no less. And these ladies, has got a lot going on in their heads.

I always figured, it takes a lot of effort to keep long, bouncy and lustrous hair when you're from that side of the world where the sun burns generously. For example, from where I am, the Philippines, when you say summer, it really is summer. Sun's more fun in the Philippines, surely, and because of that, hair care in this country is something twice as fun to explore.

As if on cue, Lorys Hair cream had me try their sweet-smelling Fruit Cocktail hair treatment product. I'm big on hair as I'm keeping my locks long and wavy right now so anything that commits to breathing life to it is welcome to my world. I didn't imagine it to be in such a huge tub! :) Normally, when I get hair cream or hair treatment wax, it's just 250g at most. I had no idea 450g of creaminess can look this good.
 A deep-conditioning emollient formulated in Brazil by Sther Cosmetics, Lory’s Hair Cream is a dual purpose hair product that can serve both as a regular conditioner after shampoo and hot oil treatment.This world-class hair cream, internationally recognized in over 47 countries, instantly deep-conditions, protects, and hydrates dry and damaged hair. Don’t let the summer heat defeat your vacation whims and get the most out of this hair miracle even right in the comforts of your own home. Because getting sexier hair can be this easy. 

Lorys Hair Cream offers world-class Brazilian hair spa treatment at the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price! At 450g, it's only P185 (approx $4.30)! The one I tried, Fruit Cocktail, is very pretty and like in many things, I appreciate a product's aesthetics just as much as I would appreciate how it would deliver. Check out the mix of sweet pink and yellow inside the tub! A true fruity concoction, if you ask me!

You can use Lorys Hair Cream as a deep-conditioning hair treatment wax (meaning you leave it on your hair for at least 15 minutes before you rinse) or even as a deep-conditioning everyday hair softener (because it's so inexpensive, you won't feel like you're breaking the bank if you use this everyday!) Our hair, like our skin, loses moisture everyday--greater when we're exposed to a harsh environment. So if you take extra measures to preserve your skin, then you should also take extra measures to nourish your crowning glory. Treating your locks to a deep-conditioning experience can help prevent serious hair problems like excessive hair full, dullness, limpness and of course, dryness and coarseness in each strand.

Lorys Hair Cream actually reminded me of this new deep-conditioning treatment released by Dove, the 2-in-1 variant. But I like Lorys Hair Cream more because Dove's mixture of regular conditioner and treatment wax in one was a whole different price range compared to Lorys Hair Cream. I think, considering Lorys big tub packaging, Dove's is twice the price.
Speaking of big, I found it quite interesting to find out that Lorys Hair Cream is typically available in 1kg tubs! But in the Philippines, they're available in 450g tubs! Good thing! I would've been overwhelmed by a kilo of hair cream! :)

I've been using Lorys Hair Cream every other day to help my hair recover from summer's intense heat and so far so good. I feel like I've been treating my hair with candy because of the sweet scent Fruit Cocktail gives off. I must admit, I expected it to smell a bit more distinctly fruity (ie. smells like watermelon or orange or strawberry or whatever). I find it ironic that it's Fruit Cocktail but I can't really put my finger on what fruit it should smell like; however, I'm not complaining since the bottomline is it smelled lovely.

Here are a few other Lory's Hair Cream variants, lifted from their Facebook page. Personally, I am hoping to try the Duo Chocolate and the Snake Oil variant. They have quite a rich range of hair care solutions so it would be such a thrill to try them all (or at least most) out. I truly appreciate how brands like Lorys develop a dedicated treatment product for every hair type and hair problem. :)

So even if summer's ending... we can still bring the summer-ready consciousness of making the extra effort to make hair beautiful.

Have you tried Lorys Hair Cream? What are your thoughts?

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  1. It's amazing! I love the scent of this variant but I love the effect that the Shea Butter variant gives on my hair more :D

  2. I love deep conditioners to treat my hair, especially ones without harsh synthetic ingredients. Do you know if they sell this internationally?

  3. I use the duo chocolate variant. Grabe! It makes my hair smell so luxurious! I've noticed also that my Sahara Desert dry hair becomes softer pag ginamit ko siya.

  4. haven't tried this yet! but thanks for sharing!! :)


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