DIY CHALLENGE: 100% Natural, Slimming, Calming and Nourishing Coffee Scrub

Hello everyone, you know, as much as I like doing "impressive", sometimes I do have my share of FAIL moments! In fact, I did something very careless today... I accidentally deleted my original post on the DIY Coffee Scrub! My first ever DIY project (official) and I click on delete! What's wrong with my fingers???

Anyway, since it was well pinned and I know a lot of people are interested in trying their own Coffee Scrub, I decided to get over myself and repost. I'm sad to have lost the pins and the comments (so would appreciate if you pin and comment again!); but of course the main goal of this blog is to share and I will always keep that in mind. I'm sure you all would like to create your own 100% Natural Slimming, Calming and Nourishing Coffee Scrub so go ahead and enjoy reading after the jump! :)

You would need two things: used coffee grounds and at least 10ml Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Calming Massage oil. As early as now, I would like to clarify that you may use fresh grounds but the reason I recommended used grounds is practicality. Coffee is a gem that I wouldn't want anyone to take advantage of. In fact, the reason I came up with this scrub is to reduce trash. Whenever I don't use our used coffee grounds to create a DIY Coffee Scrub, I use our used coffee grounds as compost. But... that's a different DIY! Update: you can't use instant coffee because instant coffee would be diluted... so no more exfoliating granules! There are quite a few number of affordable coffe grounds out there, just check out your local department store. 

I also would recommend using the new Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Calming Massage oil because it has everything I would like from a scrub. It is Sunflower Oil based which I personally have miraculous experiences with, and it has therapeutic aroma from lemongrass, lavender and orange essential oils. You might want to use any other massage oil you have at home BUT you should watch our for ingredients like Mineral Oil (sounds healthy right, mineral?) because Mineral Oil is a petrol based skin clogging chemical. It is a feel modifier that wraps your skin thus suffocates your pores. Besides, if you're using a completely natural exfoliator such as coffee grounds, it's just right that you use a completely natural oil with it.

Now that you have your ingredients ready, all you have to do is mix equal parts coffee grounds with the massage oil. I would recommend you first do a one is to one solution to ensure that you truly get to mix the two properly. Coffee on its own already smells amazing; but once you pour out your Calming Massage Oil, it would be divine!

After you mix your deliciously natural ingredients, place it in a container and seal with a cling wrap. If you want to do exactly as I did, pump a few drops of the Massage Oil on top so the coffe scrub settles with a film of sunflower goodness on the surface. This would help make scrubbing easier, smoother and warmer (the oil feels warm against the skin, but not to the point of icky thickness).

For storage, keep your coffee scrub in the fridge. It should last for two weeks. Now, there's another reason why I would recommend the Human Nature Massage Oil. Some Massage Oils might harden when in cold temperature. This one, won't. :)

I actually got inspired to do this DIY because I remember absolutlely loving my Milea Organics Coffee Scrub before. It was also an Orange-Coffee mixture although it has a cream base unlike this DIY which is oil-based.

Now to answer the why's.

I believe I have already addressed the 100% Natural aspect of this DIY. But to further help you understand deeply, did you know that most cosmetic companies use synthetic fragrances or parfum to make their product smell wonderful (sometimes, to hide the nasty about their formulation)? Sucks, but true.

Now, the great thing about the new Human Heart Nature Massage oil is this, they smell wonderful thanks to the essential oils they add to our trusted potent skin saver: cosmetic-grade sunflower oil. Here are a few tidbits on the Essential Oils found in the Calming Massage Oil variant.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil - The calming scent of lavender, to me, is really directly associated to sleep so I'm not surprised that the Calming massage oil variant used lavender. The fragrance of lavender is soothing to the nerves and is helpful in treating migraine, anxiety and headaches. Lavender is also has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties so in addition to the Sunflower oil's potent skin nourishment (and proven capacity to lighten scars, skin blemishes and marks); I think a lavender + sunflower blend is heaven SCENT.
Cuteeeeee! Source
Benefits of Orange Essential Oil - I love oranges because their citrus scent is both refreshing, reviving and sweet! I have missed confirming what type of Orange essential oil was used for the Calming Massage oil so I can't say much here. Although, on a personal level, the orange kick balances the powdery sweetness of lavender. :)

Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil- Lemongrass is a plant that our beautiful tropical country can produce abundantly so I'm very happy that it is part of Human Heart Nature's new Massage oil. I love Lemongrass on food (chicken, especially!) But upon first try of lemongrass on a massage oil and like me, you'd have more reasons to feel love over it. The citrus scent of lemongrass oil is calming and is also helpful in easing a tensed spirit.

It was one lovely afternoon when the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres sampled how to use used coffee grounds to smoothen and minimize the appearance of chicken skin or cellulite on the bum. Basically, she shared how caffeine is an effective slimming agent for the said problem. Since then, I check every single topical slimming gel, lotion and cream and found out, every single time, that one of the active ingredients that helps make these cosmetic discoveries a success in helping rid the skin of surfacing fats is caffeine. Where else to find caffeine than coffee? Right?

So here's a helpful article to help you understand the proven success of topical caffeine as a slimming agent.

If you're new to my blog, then let me introduce you to one of my most popular posts, my post about the Sunflower Oil. Yeah! Who would've thought that those majestic sunflowers are also source of the world's greatest skin elixir!

To date, I'm still using this very oil as... here's my own personal list of Sunflower Beauty Oil miracles
1. All-over body moisturizer
2. Hair serum (especially for those nasty humid days)
3. Hand and foot moisturizer
4. Cuticle softener
5. Scar lightener
6. Spot corrector
7. Make-up remover (although you might also want to use the Cleansing Oil)
8. Overnight hair moisturizer
9. Hair taming oil (especially when I need to braid my hair)
10. Hair de-tangler
11. Skin blemish lightener
12. Cleanser (to clean my navel hehe)
13. and last but not the least, my ultimate favorite eureka discovery for the beauty oil, emergency Make-up Brush Cleanser! :p

To those wondering, if you're deep-cleansing, I would recommend you just use your Sunflower Cleansing Oil BUT if it's an emergency or if it's your kikay kit make-up brush that you want to clean in a jiffy, simply soak your brush with this oil, rub back and forth against a tissue or wet-wipe, and let dry. Don't worry. It would dry so fast and your brush would feel so soft. To make it smell really yum! Spritz on your choice of All Natural Spray Sanitizer too (Human Heart Nature also, wow. It seems my bag is loaded with testers!)

Disclaimer though, as an immediate brush cleanser, I've only tried using the sunflower oil for synthetic brushes. I'm not sure how it would work on natural hair.

So there, if you're feeling like ending Summer with a shopping spree, don't forget that until May 31st, HBC is holding their very own Beauty Festival!

Let me know what you think about the scrub! Also, if you're enjoying HBC's Beauty Festival, don't forget to try their Hair Spa Treatment Wax. They have really amazing products for dry hair! Hm.... maybe that should be my next DIY? What do you think?

For DIY requests, please send me a tweet, an FB message, an email or leave a comment below. :)

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  1. This is very interesting, I might try doing one this weekend! Is instant coffee any different instead of the ground coffee? If not, any cheap brand suggestions for ground coffee? =)

  2. Hate that when I clicked "publish" on my comment naman in this post kanina, biglang nawala.. LOL

    Anyway, I was saying that I would love to try this DIY project of yours. I love reading DIY beauty projects ;)

  3. I have my DIY coffee scrub, too, but I use Olive Oil. I think your version is so much better. I have my own HN massage oil here so I think I will make some changes on my coffee scrub! Hehehe! HN's new massage oils are heavenly! The old ones really remind me of "copra" but I know they're really healthy, too.

    Btw, I haven't used the sunflower oil as a brush cleaner, I might try it today. The baby wash is a really good cleansing tool for your brushes with natural or synthetic hair. Great for sponges, too! =)


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