When Franco Floored Eastwood

I take music seriously. No, I am not a master of whatever instrument nor do I have the voice that can launch a thousand ships. But I do listen keep shut when notes are dancing within earshot and I try my very best to always make it a point that I listen with my heart as I also listen to my heart's delight.

Just recently, I was invited to the Franco live at Eastwood event. Unfortunately, I couldn't go myself but fortunately a good friend of mine, who happen to be one cool Franco fan, got to represent yours truly to what could be an evening of good great music.

As told by Arianne Chuidian:

It's been a while since Franco broke into the local music scene, but they have managed to keep their good impression and the interest of critics and audiences around. Bursting with talent and redefining alternative-rock with mixed musical influences, Franco has been hailed as the powerhouse band to hit the music scene in 2010.

People who keep tabs on the Pinoy rock scene are aware that Franco didn't happen overnight. Made up of musicians from other equally iconic bands. Gabby Alipe from Urbandub and Ocho Toleran from Queso are on guitars, Buwi Meneses from Parokya ni Edgar is on bass, and Janjan Mendoza of Urbandub is on drums. Lead vocalist Franco Reyes himself wrote and arranged all the songs in their debut album.

This Gathering, held last Saturday at the Eastwood Central Plaza, proved to be a gathering of music enthusiasts eager to hear good music on a Saturday night. Franco Reyes acknowledged the fans and thanked them all for coming after practically every song. The band delivered by playing half of the songs off their latest self-titled debut album, including crowd favorites such as Memory Kill and Castaway. The audience responded well by singing along and cheering the band on. After the set, Franco Reyes came out and performed a special acoustic version of their song (also one of my personal favorites) For My Dearly Departed.

Special thanks to Mia for the invites. Til next time. Will leave you to enjoy Franco's music.


What is your take on Franco?