Preparing for Rock and Run: Day One

Above is a rather old photo of me during my "active" years. I apologize for the stained shirt, but I got carried away with the face painting "crayolas" and enjoyed representing the Philippines all over my body! I used to play for Team Pilipinas through the Philippine Rugby Football Union. I have no idea if I can go back to playing, since I don't think I can find time to train and be active again with the organization but at least I have very little tidbits such as these photos to remind me of how fun touching across the field is.

From the days when I was still a member. to now, the org evidently came a long way! They've been competing internationally! It's so awesome and I'm really really proud of them! Way to go Coach Rey! :) Way to go to the whole team! Especially the core members.

Promoting a new sport is a serious venture especially in the country, but hey! We Filipinos, we're so game! I'm not surprised Touch Rugby in the country is thriving more and more each year--feat after feat!

Anyways, I went through these old photos to muster up the courage and to be inspired for the up and coming Rock and Run event on June 19! It is the first of its kind, and I'm on DAY ONE.

Day one.
Liquid cleanse. In order to prepare my body for this exciting event, I would be get rid of the toxins in my body. Although I'm drinking coffee right now haha I am staying away from solids today.

Ah. It's Elaine's birthday. I'm allowed to eat. :) I'll do some leg exercises later. :) Jog with my dog too. She'll love it.

Run for life!


It's been a productive Friday! Can't wait for the weekends!


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