Preparing for Rock and Run: Day Three

Feeling lazy this Sunday. Sunday's such a wonderful day to take a break. I feel happy in the long beach dress I have on. I have no idea if it's legal to wear such a dress to the mall but it's so hot today, I wish it's legal to streak!

If you could give notice, I'm wearing what you call a Fushion excel necklace (did I refer to it correctly?). It has the scalar energy technology that helps protect the wearer from harmful effects caused by radiation. It is perfect for me, especially now, because I've been suffering from the harshness of being in front of a computer, of being beside a telephone and of using a cellphone almost 24/7.

Other than trying to cleanse myself of the radiation, today I also give myself a break from all the stresses of life through a wonderful and rejuvenating foot spa.

Look ma, (the foot in the frame is my mom's haha), Barney feet. :)

OK, feet now pampered, I'm back to thinking of how, exactly how am I preparing for the Rock and Run event on June? Kumikoooo discipline please?

WHAT?! I can't believe this, or actually I can. I gained weight >_"things-to-do-post-its" from my wonder wall.



  1. nice! I have a scalar too! pretty dress, Miko!

  2. Thanks Nina! :D I love it, so comfy esp because it's so hot recently!!!


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