The world is always "kinder" as each year steps aside and a new year comes center stage. People tend to embrace change and allow challenges to sit in their sofas for a while, sometimes long enough for a challenge to leave its (butt) mark.

Last year I have been pondering on so many things which involved "the real world" and what adults refer to as "life". I just graduated last October, assumingly with honors though I have no solid proof of that as of now. I got myself a job I never thought I would end up in. I also got my first 13th month pay from the office I'm no longer a part of. I opened a bank account that has been above interest-earning balance for some weeks now. I stopped asking for allowance. I felt dead, passionless and unproductive. Then came in 2010 and I started dreaming again.

I feel like my life has been so fluid, so flexible and so dictated by impulse, which I don't regret, but sometimes I'm also not proud of. Every time I reflect on a closing year I always end up finding a detail, from the little to the grand, which would make me say "Oh how young I was!"

But each year denotes age, which legally demands maturity and I think I'm at a point of my life where I would like to cut the ripples and the high tides of my youthful personality to give the change in current a definite spot in my life. I can't live my life with commas all the time. I also believe double hyphens should be used limitedly. So here's a period to mark what lies ahead, a temporary ellipsis...

Expect and demand an article every Tuesday from me . Let me let you in.

I hope you also follow my other blog Make Me Your Childish Sweetheart. (You will find loads of other links from sites I own and sites I am fond of.) To a great year! Happy new year! May everyone keep the fire burning.


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