Math Equations = Humanity

Last week I have been thinking about the human social environment and the amount of interaction or evasion that happens in it every day.

When I was still in college, I was taking college algebra then, the professor taught us a very simple and logical way of looking at a linear equation. She told us to look at it as if it were a house. In order to get in, you have to unlock the gates--that's parenthesis, exponents, multiply, divide, add and subtract or PEMDAS. Then it came to mind, I wondered, is it THAT easy when it comes to people? I mean really, is it what people really want to do? Get in?

I know it is not a new thing to meet someone evasive every now and then. Because of the very intrusive life the modern world provides its residents, it is but not surprising to have more people retreat to a life lived down-low and to have people more comfortable with exclusivity.

Privacy is a price that people, no matter how big or small, has to pay because the modern world recognizes no wall. Heck, even firewalls are easier to go through nowadays, what then is there to hold things back? If life can also be compared to a math equation, what are the things that makes up the gates?

More importantly, who holds the keys?

In my riddle, I figured, the difference lies in the desire of the statement. Math equations, from a mathematician's perspective, wants to be solved. It doesn't have all these bars and symbols because it wants to be unsolvable. The reason it has all these processes symbolized by little signs and numbers is its very desire to be discovered. I've never had the chance of being in the place of a math equation but from my point of view, it holds no desire to remain a mystery, no grudge against discovery.

What about people then? How does one know if the brackets and slashes that divide each and every detail of a person's entirety were placed where they were placed in order to stop something from passing through? Compared to numbers, what if people design their equations defensively? Is it proper to ignore the signs and still pursue a person?

"The moment we stop caring for each other, that's the moment we lose our humanity." (2012 the movie)

When I saw the movie 2012 I was struck by the quote above. Not only does it make sense, but also it got me thinking about the whole process of sharing. Isn't caring an indispensible part of sharing, AND likewise?

What if people stopped sharing themselves, what can become of our humanity? If the next step is beyond the police line, do you cut across?



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