How to Stay Sane During the Mercury Retrograde

I don't know about you but I am suffering from the awful effects of what astroligists refer to as the Mercury Retrograde. It is the period when from Earth's perspective, Mercury appears to be rotating backwards instead of forward, like it normally does. Although this has been proven to just be an optical illusion, Mercury is actually just slowing down, but due to the differences in pace and in orbit, the slower movement of that very planet associated to the "messenger of the gods", Mercury, is believed to have bad effects to anything communication related--sorry news for us mere earth dwellers.

It is for this very reason why I decided, just to make sure I don't break my code, to blog earlier than expected. I am no master of the whole dealing with this retrograde thing, but let me share with you my experience, so far, and some tips so you can save yourself, mostly your patience, from being wasted over unnecessary stress.

  • Stay away from accidents. Transportation, as it falls under the many things affected by the said retrograde may betray you when you least expect it. Few days ago, I just got off work around 6:00 PM, when I heard a loud crash a few meters to my right--it was the sound of a car crashing towards another car on a bumper-to-bumper traffic. As if that wasn't bad enough, the impact was so strong it caused the damaged car to push two other cars in front towards each other. Yes, while taking that calming evening stroll, four cars got wrecked. Take defensive measures, not the danger zone.

  • Always double check. Yes, technology can be very dependable at times, easy-to-access and fast, perfect for things that need some rushing; however, when the planets are not behaving normally, it is best to take actions, extra little ones, to make sure that technology doesn't sabotage any of your engagements. Double check if the person received your email or SMS, especially if you haven't received a confirmation or reply. Just the same, spare others the trouble and confirm or reply to those who send anything your way.

  • Manage your schedule. For communication to be considered as a process it needs to be an exchange between at least two people or entities. That being said, accept the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the other party isn't doing anything to escape the problems caused by Mercury's failure. Some meetings or any other agendas may be moved or worse cancelled so it is best to be ready for anything. Make sure that your schedule is open for minor adjustments.

  • Go old-school. Although it may require more time and effort, if it is possible, talk directly to the person you have to relay a message to. For example, if both of you are just separated by cubicles, get off your seat and go exercise those knees for a while. Give that someone a visit. That way you don't just make sure that what you want to relay is properly received but also it makes discussions and clarifications more easily done and achieved.

  • Take a chill-pill. As to many things in life, preparation never meant a full-proof success. If all things fail, make sure you don't rush into making major decisions that will change your relationship with people. According to belief, the retrograde may cause misunderstandings that when paired with miscommunication may lead to flawed decisions. Don't let that equation be the story of your life. The mercury retrograde is a fleeting period. Take time to assess things, you'll never know how different things look like when looked at with a clearer perspective.

If you've been living a fast-paced life, you would be most affected by the retrograde, but don't let that bring you down. Just let the period give you a little break, take things slowly, recharge your energy and try to get yourself back on track. For all its worth, the first retrograde of the decade would soon end on January 15.

Disclaimer: but be ready. The mercury retrograde happens thrice a year.

Mercury Retrograde 2010
April 17-May 11
August 20 – September 12
December 10-December 29

I hope everyone have a peaceful beginning of the decade! Stay inspired by clicking on this link: Funny Phase.



  1. Hmm. It's really amazing how the universe works. Thanks for the heads up. :)

    There is power in words.


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