Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ask me something!

Ask me something!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am in between 2010's pretentious Monday holiday and the original People Power day, which is on the 25th of February so I thought I'd focus on that hardly exploited topic, the power of people.

Every day we unintentionally expand our world through the many faces we meet. Remember when they said, "Smile, you don't know if someone is falling in love with you."? I think it pretty much explains how we are never in control of how people push the world and make it spin. It is true that we do have a say on our friends thus the very important rule of choosing the people you'd consider as one, but the downside of living in such a public space is the mere fact of not ever having say on who's going to knock on your door, or even just view you from afar.

I am not referring to stalkers. I am referring to the many eyes which comprises this big BIG world. All those eyes, they can be compared to little pebbles, some rocks, that can be thrown at you and hurt you or unknowingly sit in your bag and slow you down. All those eyes can be light little sponges that would imitate you or sparkling little glitters that would make you look pretty. Those eyes can serve a number of ways with or without your consent and the challenge of living a peaceful life is learning--no--mastering the art of being functional with an audience.

Life is like an auditorium, not just a stage. It is a place where you can interchangibly be a star, a crew, an audience or a fly on the wall. It is a place where the entertaining happens, the nerve-wracking counts seconds and where the sadness can go from minimal exposure to a grand finale. Life is like an auditorium which requires preparations and silence in order to be the best auditorium an auditorium can be. Unfortunately, life can be very unrealistic and unconventional. But then again, reality is only in the mind of the thinker.

The public theater called life is something that breaks my heart and inspires me at the same time. The challenge isn't just to give the best performance, the challenge is to provide the most unforgettable experience and that is what I like about the power of people. People are so influencial they can do more than influence your decisions, they can also steer your emotions uphill or down hell (play of words, cute?).

The power of people lies in their being alive, driven by both selfish and selfless desires. Some would encourage and inspire a few, a lot, while some would even bother teaming up to be against an organization or even just a single unit. The power of people lies in their realities and expectations and this makes it really hard for people to establish bonds that would last for life--so difficult to establish REAL everlasting bonds--because realities and expectations are as fluttering as an eye in a desert storm.

The power of people is in their capability to extend themselves and redeem themselves after a loss. The power of people is in their ability to remember and make themselves memorable.

Before February ends, I dare you to do something for yourself either by extending yourself to someone you have long been wanting to start a conversation with or by redeeming yourself by making your point clear--poke those many intrigued/jealous/suspicious/merely deranged eyes and demand for a break. There's always time for you to make yourself matter to yourself and to other people because the power of people is their ability to make a point, a huge circle, just by merely wanting to make one.


Photo by Aaron Ebio, a raw outtake photo from a ZEN Health magazine March-April 2010 photo shoot.

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I am in between 2010's pretentious Monday holiday and the original People Power day, which is on the 25th of February so I thought I...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I just got my new journal. It was given to me by Abigail, sent last year but apparently due to some major Philippine Post Office inadequacy or inefficiency, I only got it now. It came with two children's books, but really, faced with a journal like this, everything just looked so stale.

I love it! I love it so much it made me forget about Griffin and Sabine. Although, in a way it reminds me so much about Nick Bantock's great series that I'm now calculating when I can afford the Alexandria series. Just the same, I'm thinking of that wonderful biblio-book I saw at National Book Store a while ago, the 1000 books to read before dying. It's crazy, I think I'd rather meet the man or woman who got to read all those 1000 books (and own them) THAN actually being that person!

Enough said, I haven't really explored the journal thoroughly but I am so fond of it, I'm considering bringing it with me despite the fact that I'm already the woman with the Santa Claus "everyday bag". I have three journals right now. One is a super slim date book which I hardly use now because it's just in the office: a source of "good ideas" on my desk. Another is a diary type of journal where I put many random things, from my emotional ravings and rantings, to plans, scraps and treasures (although there ain't much space for that anymore), pictures and recently, my daily calorie counting--yes, I went to THAT level. The third of my journal list, pun intended, is my Starbucks 2010 planner which is a planner and a journal for me because I write random things there too--like if I can't afford to bring a heavy bag for a certain day or event.

Then came Jury, my new journal, it's so beautiful and heavy and I'm confused if I should take it along wherever I go. I can't even think of when I'd put my first entry. I want the right moment for it. Just like what I said in Punctuations, my life is too fluid. I need more than an illipsis.

Anyway, this week's been really busy so I regret to say I don't have anything trivial or brooding or mental or whatchamacallit posts for all of you. I just wanted to share my new journal, I think it's really timely to, because with my busy week I realized how much it is important to shut up... and be grateful.

Thank you for my friends, those who have always been there since the beginning, those who are my desert's cactus--they hardly need tending yet they help me survive when I'm in the middle of nowhere; and most importantly, those who like and doesn't like many things about me--and loves me just the same. You know who you are. You are so few, yes you are enough.

Thank you for my family who can singlehandedly make me feel my saddest and my happiest.

Thank you to my sister who's both an inspiration and a competition--two good roles to take.

Thank you to my mom and lola who confuses me like crazy, but loves me endlessly too.

Thank you to my dogs who I miss with all my heart, I really wish I get to sit and play with them the soonest.

Thank you to my bed that always makes my inadequate sleep good enough to recharge me and thank you to my phone that never lets me sleep beyond time.

Thank you to my lipstick for making me feel beautiful.

Thank you to caffeine for helping me be alive and active.

Thank you to myself, for always trying.

In the journal, there's this page which I found most tempting to answer. It's but a beautiful page with approximately five numbers to fill. It came with a caption: in my heart, I carry.



What are you most thankful for? Check out my Happy Chinese Vday posts at FunnyPhase.

My New Journal

I just got my new journal. It was given to me by Abigail , sent last year but apparently due to some major Philippine Post Office inadequac...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Throw me a QUESTion :)

Throw me a QUESTion :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Take a bite of positivity this month of February with these few quaint ways of looking at yourself. This is more of like an innercise. Remember when they say everything in life has a purpose, that things happen for a reason? Well, last week I was busy thinking of more loving ways of seeing my body. The rule's pretty simple anyway: you should love yourself first before you love someone else.

They say action speaks louder than words hence the importance of reading body language. Our gestures, from the rhythm of our breath to the way we curl our toes, says something about how we're feeling--in a situation or towards one.

I took this quite literally. Last weekend I kept myself busy wondering what the body say about love? You see, February is quite frustrating because there's this big campaign of hearts and red everything all over the place, so I thought, if people really do make a fuss about February as the month of love, what does the body say about it?

The eyes are my favorite. I like looking at other people's eyes, even my pet dog's eyes, I adore. They aren't called the window to one's soul for nothing. Eyes express a magnitude of emotions and details that the eyes can't see. But in terms of love, what do eyes mean?

Eyes come in pairs--and when they don't, it is rather blinding for the person. One can't see as clearly compared to someone with both eyes healthy. It is the same with relationships. The eyes imitate how we should look at life, in terms of love at least. No man's an island, and the eyes clearly manifest that. The more we refuse to see with our partner (family, friend or special someone) the more we fail to see the bigger picture. The eyes come in pairs because the world is a big wonderful space that has so many corners one has to try and see with light. Although looking at life with "both eyes" doesn't necessarily mean you see how things should be seen, it brings you closer to it.

Yes there's such technique where if you want to make a shot, you have to close one eye to make sure you make the right move; however, this line of sight doesn't really involve the natural act of sharing love entails. Looking at life alone increases your chances of missing out on things. A selfish sight doesn't reveal the beauty of life. If you share your perspective with someone else, you end up getting closer to perfecting your perceptions. If you look at love with both eyes open, you see the pure essence of the emotion just like looking at someone else' eyes reveal the beauty of his/her soul.

There are a number of poetry and songs which refers to the spaces between one's fingers as the spaces where one's partner's fingers fit well--this creates the image of two hands holding each other. I guess there's nothing wrong in that picture, I mean those spaces must be there for something, why not be there for someone too?

When I was still in high school, my uncle told me I shouldn't worry about not knowing what the hell I am here for, what the hell I'm supposed to do with my life. He said, it's a question that drives people through life. He was describing my question as an unanswerable one not because the answer doesn't exist but because you don't really need an answer to do something wonderful to be remembered by. The hands, as they continuously remind us of those little gaps and shortcomings, in terms of knowledge, success, personality and many more, is also a reminder that we don't have to "complete ourselves" to make our lives come full circle.

I'm not saiyng that in order to fulfill one's purpose you need someone to complete you. I am not a follower of that belief. I don't like to go about thinking that I am an incomplete person until I meet that "someone". Although I do believe that eveyrone's incomplete, one way or another. It may be something material like you not having that book which tells the story-of-your-life, or something more abstract like you missing a life you let pass because of fear; but the sum-of-it-all isn't something that would cripple anyone enough to spend a life looking for that missing part.

We are incomplete, deal with it. Our hands function perfectly well despite these gaps, that should be enough encouragement right? The spaces between our fingers are the home for someone else' life to rest every now and then. In love, when we meet someone who fits our gaps perfectly well, it is but a sign that somewhere out there, someone is also walking/dancing/marching/singing through life as incomplete as you. Love complements life. What we miss in life, we are sure to find in love.

Then we also have our feet. Our feet takes us to places. Every time we want to go somewhere, be it a real or an imaginary place, it is difficult to imagine ourselves going there without using our feet. See, we don't have wings. And even if we do, somehow we would still use our feet to land from one place or another right? Even just to stand still, the feet carries our load.

In love I think it is best to notice how strategically placed the feet are in our body. Our feet was placed so far from the head that it is but easy to see it as our body's way of telling us never to think of leaving love behind.

The head was placed nearer our heart because we do need to still use our heads when deciding on matters of the heart (not that it always win over it, but every decision we make, especially those driven by our emotions still requires a certain level of logic). It then follows that the feet are placed far from the head because in love we should be able to commit ourselves. Leaving should be our last thought.

In love, we should stay.


Leave me a comment, let me know what your favorite love part is. Thank you! Happy second week of FebLOVEly! (Photos were just Googled)

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Take a bite of positivity this month of February with these few quaint ways of looking at yourself. This is more of like an innercise. Remem...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's more to love about your favorite Selecta Ice Cream.
Below are pictures of my favorite Selecta flavor: Selecta Gold Berry Strawberry Ice Cream.

No. 1
Selecta, as a brand, supports Step Juan, a walking expedition for the benefit of Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc. So dig in. Also, visit Step Juan website to know how you can help!

You can dig up to 20 BIG Strawberry chunks in one tub (1.66L) of Selecta Gold Berry Strawberry ice cream! Perfect for sharing this month of love.

The more you love, the more lives you save. So cheers to the dessert with a heart.


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There's more to love about your favorite Selecta Ice Cream. Below are pictures of my favorite Selecta flavor: Selecta Gold Berry Strawbe...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Are you happy?

Yes I am. I feel sad sometimes but generally speaking. I am happy right now. Hope you are too.

What is constantly on your mind?

Like for today, all I've been thinking about is how beautiful I would feel when I go swimming at Gold's Gym Intercontinental Hotel. I just want to really enroll at that gym :( But I dont have a card.

If you could have one whole day with someone, who would it be and what do you want to do?

I want to be with Abigail. We'll watch House season 5 hehe

Curiosity kissed my cat

Are you happy? Yes I am. I feel sad sometimes but generally speaking. I am happy right now. Hope you are too. ...
Not everyone knows how much I love a pretty face. No, I don't mean beautiful people. No I don't mean loving the stunning. My fascination is simply limited to the pretty face, being a face that has all these pretty little features.

And like everyone else, a personal frustration is the skin. Well, I am among the few lucky ones who hardly gets breakouts. Fortunately for me if I end up with a zit, that rare appearance would be hiding somewhere near my hairline or my eyebrows. I haven't had those dreadful nose-pimples, yet. A tip I always suggest people, although this tip mind you has no scientific bearing, don't tease people with pimples because if you tease people with pimples about their pimples, you'll get pimples as karma.

Trust me, it's not worth the risk.

This summer, for those with active sweat glands such as I, is a fearful season because it is unendingly hot. Gone are the comforts provided by the melting ice caps, the sun is boss, like it always have been the center of our solar system.

As preparation it is important to have the perfect protection, and although there are but a huge line of sunblock creams and lotions at your favorite store, I would like to share one discovery I am so happy to have made. The Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals liquid foundation.

I forgot to ask the beautiful ladies from Maybelline if it's a new line because I know of their Clear Smooth liquid foundation, I'm just not sure if the Clear Smooth Minerals liquid foundation is an improvement or a new line.

Nonetheless, my skin is most thankful for it. I tried it and it was just magical. Since it's liquid, it's light and it doesn't feel stocky on the face. It's also as if you're just applying moisturizer, it blends well and after all those wonderful strokes you do (better if you do it as if you're massaging your face) you'd be surprised by how natural the foundation is on your skin. Truly, it is like a second skin--only better.

Other than being a good foundation, since it's a "mineral make-up", it does your skin good too! A little goes a long way indeed! Not only does it make the perfect base for your summer make-up but also it nourishes and hear this, protects your skin too.

It has SPF18 which is of course a great thing because no one wants (more) sunspots to worry about right? So yes, I am probably raving here but I did the one day work test wherein I try the make-up (or whatever product for that matter) for a day, preferrably the busy kind, and see how the make-up manages a day of no touch-ups. Boy, did this foundation pass with flying colors.

I just love anything small and astonishing. With the little cute pack of liquid foundation I got to try, I'm already excited to try on all these mineral make-ups for a next project. I checked the stores and saw that Maybelline do have a decent line-up of mineral make-up, so does L'oreal, which I'm hands down excited about.

I'm still listing down the different make-up brands and types of mineral make-up that I am planning on hitting the road with. If you have any suggestions or if you have your own line (since based on my little bazaar research, there are numerous "unexploited" lines out there), please, don't hesitate to let me know.

Have a happy summer! Trust me, your face would be more than pretty with Maybelline's Clear Smooth Minerals liquid foundation.

Oh wait, it ain't summer yet. Oh well, today was one hot day. I feel so sweaty and sticky (pats the face) amazing, it still feels smooth and silky.

I think I've found true love.


If you'd like to send me your suggestions or your personal recommendations, please don't hesitate to comment or send me an email at (Photos from: first, second)

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Not everyone knows how much I love a pretty face. No, I don't mean beautiful people. No I don't mean loving the stunning. My fascina...


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